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Community steps up suicide prevention efforts

Charlottetown city councillor Mitchell Tweel.
Charlottetown city councillor Mitchell Tweel. - Submitted photo

Committee to identify ways to save lives on the Hillsborough and North River Causeway bridges

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - Members of the community step up to form a Suicide Prevention committee to help save lives on the Hillsborough and North River Causeway bridges.

The committee met with Charlottetown city councillor Mitchell Tweel, who is a member of the steering committee since its inception.

“We held our second meeting a couple of days ago, and the objective is to identify what can be done on the bridges to save lives,” said Tweel. “If there was emergency phones, cameras, just ways for them to call out for help before the point of no return, we feel by putting these mechanisms there it can save lives.”

The Hillsborough Bridge and North River Causeway Suicide Prevention Steering Committee recommends the implementation of technology to reduce the lethality of means.

“It’s important to explore preventive strategies and also consider ways that closure may be provided for the loved-ones of those who are successful in their attempts. The committee plans to reconvene after exploring various options to promote safety for community members in crisis,” said Tweel.

Increased lighting, signage, as well as bridge barriers are among the options to be explored by the committee.

Members of the public, as well as federal, provincial and municipal levels of the P.E.I. government are invited to attend a future meeting with location, date and time to be announced by the committee at a later date.

“It will be great to see policy makers and professionals from various disciplines come together with community organizers to work toward a common goal,” concluded Chris Pickard, committee member.

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