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Charlottetown gets creative with mayor's Poetry City challenge

<p><span class="Normal">Deirdre Kessler holds some of her recent books. She is the co-author "The Charlottetown Conference and the Birth of Confederation" a new book by Nimbus Publishing. She wrote the book with Douglas Baldwin, a Canadian historian.</span></p>
Deirdre Kessler. - Jim Day/ Guardian

Poetry City is an annual nationwide celebration of poetry by mayors and city councils

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - In celebration of ‘National Poetry Month’ the city of Charlottetown will participate in the nationwide Poetry City initiative on Monday, April 9.

The annual event, facilitated by mayors and city councils across Canada, aims to bring poetry into public spaces and highlight the valuable contribution poets and writers make to cultural life in the community.

The Poetry City challenge aligns with UNESCO World Poetry Day on March 21 and National Poetry Month in April.

Island Poet Laureate Deirdre Kessler will read a poem entitled, "Sunday NBA game, Cleveland vs. San Antonio" at the City Council meeting in Charlottetown prior to it starting at 7 p.m.

Kessler is an author of more than two-dozen books of poetry, children's novels and picture books, memoir and nonfiction. She is the Island’s sixth Poet Laureate and was appointed to a three-year term from 2016-2018.

For more information about Poetry City, including how to be part of the celebrations, visit:

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