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BIBLE FACTS: The Secularization of Sex

Holy Bible
Holy Bible

By Ian Kurylyk

“Thou shalt not commit adultery.” (Exodus 20:14)

This verse comes from a basic Bible passage on the subject of worship, the Ten Commandments. God is letting us know that honouring Him (worship) also involves our behaviour toward our fellow man (morals).

The Creator is a God of purity and faithfulness, and those who worship Him find expression of these same things in human relationships too.

Everybody aspires to be like the god they have embraced and to reach for the ideals their god personifies. In our day the gods of secularism have set up their own morality in which all manner of sexual behaviour forbidden in the Bible is now declared good.

Humanism is not “a-religious” or “a-spiritual” (to coin some words) but enters the worship aspect of human life by substituting its counterfeit teachings and value system for the things of God’s Word.

It seems every institution of education, entertainment, and information in place today is in agreement to move all the old landmarks of right moral behaviour. There is a sustained pressure upon the minds of men ratcheting moral standards away from those found in God’s Word. The new antichristian norms are then secured in place by invoking the powers of political correctness.

Even the state is active in this departure from the moorings of our forbears, often taking the lead. It formulates and enacts new laws to first recognize and then grant special status to the unbiblical moral values.

As governments move more and more to textbook socialism, the new state-sponsored morality is then protected by power of law against any kind of criticism or even free thought. Sound familiar?

In the war of disinformation you will hear that the issue is racism, white male privilege, or some newly minted phobia. It is not. It is primarily about the substitution of a radical new moral standard under the pretence of separation of church and state.

What is being covered up is that the new moral standard is also religious in nature. It just reflects the character and ideals of another god. Secularization is about the worship life of man and its goal is to replace Christianity.

By including sexuality in the Ten Commandments, God made it clear that He has not extended to humanity the liberty to decide for themselves what is right in this area. The commandments draw attention to the deep-set spiritual problem of every human being – alienation from God by sin.

It is to bring forgiveness for violations of God's law and to instill a new principle of genuine worship in individual hearts that Jesus came. He is the way back to God. He calls upon us to accept the payment He made for sins on the cross and to believe in Him as the Son of God, the only Saviour from sin.


Ian Kurylyk is pastor at Summerside Fundamental Baptist Church.

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