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Acadian community lays groundwork for more francophone newcomers

Coopérative d’intégration francophone held a discussion focussing on welcoming and integrating francophone newcomers

SUMMERSIDE – Welcoming and integrating francophone newcomers was the focus of a discussion forum presented by the Coopérative d’intégration francophone (CIF) on Friday. Around 40 people, mostly employees and volunteers, attended the Summerside event held at Credit Union Place.

Guest speakers travelled from Quebec and New Brunswick to talk about the importance of preparing the receiving environments to improve newcomer integration, the role municipalities can play and the good practices implemented elsewhere in Canada.

During the workshops, the participants split up into small groups to discuss their experiences and the actions that need to be taken moving forward.

At the end of the day, the participants were invited to commit to taking at least one action in the next six months to better welcome and integrate francophone newcomers to the province.

The Population Action Plan for Prince Edward Island, launched by the provincial government in the spring of 2017, was translated into French for the occasion.

Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Sonny Gallant said, "This Population Action Plan outlines our plan of action to grow our population and strengthen our workforce in communities across Prince Edward Island. The success of this Action Plan will depend, in large measure, on our ability to work together.”

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