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Program to prepare P.E.I. youth for work in the climate change era

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The program, “Enhancing Youth Employability and Skills Training: Engaging Youth in the Era of Climate Change,” will run at the P.E.I. Farm Centre during the fall and winter of 2019-20. - 123RF Stock Photo

A new program at the P.E.I. Farm Centre will help Island youth prepare for employment in the era of climate change.

The program, “Enhancing Youth Employability and Skills Training: Engaging Youth in the Era of Climate Change,” will run during the fall and winter of 2019-20.

Farm Centre CEO Phil Ferraro said the program will prepare young people for jobs that emerge from the climate crisis. It will serve as a model for the entire eastern coastal region, with transferable lessons to other regions. 

The program is a collaborative effort between the Farm Centre, P.E.I. ADAPT Council and The Institute for Bioregional Studies. A number of community partners are also lending support, including the Council of People with Disabilities, Startup Zone and Gifts from the Heart.

Twenty youth with barriers to employment will participate. Participants will be part of a combination of classroom studies, experiential learning activities and hands-on work placements with business that are working to reduce or adapt to the impact of climate change.

Dr. Virginia McGowan, one of the project leads, said many initiatives to address the needs of youth occur in silos. 

“Instead, we are designing an integrated strategy that crosses sector, geographic, and demographic boundaries to help develop the true potential of these young people,” McGowan said.

Project staff and community partners will coach the youth in job-related skills and attitudes, mentor them to become confident in their decision making, and support them to find employment that is not just a living wage but a real opportunity to thrive, address climate change and contribute to the health and well-being of their communities.

Interested participants and potential business partners can get more information by calling Ferraro at 902-892-3419. 

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