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Houses being built behind houses causing concern for Charlottetown: meeting tonight

The Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens  and Revolutionary Student Movement are both holding rallies in front of Charlottetown City Hall March 4.
FILE PHOTO: Charlottetown City Hall. ©THE GUARDIAN

Charlottetown is seeking the public’s input on amending the city’s zoning and development bylaw to address properties known as ‘flag lots.'

A public meeting with this item on the agenda is planned for tonight at Charlottetown City Hall, starting at 7 p.m.

A flag lot is a lot usually at least 200 to 400 feet in depth. There is a provision in the bylaw that allows property owners with large deep lots, without further application or need for special permits, to severe off a new lot at the rear, but also provide a 25-foot wide strip of land to access the newly-created rear lot from the street.

Alex Forbes, manager of planning, explains that if development of these lots remains a right, without need of special permits, it isn’t an efficient way to subdivide property. It results in houses being located behind other houses, resulting in privacy issues. It also prevents future development of roadways to open up areas for future development.

A right-of-way is one way to access these rear lots, however, actually owning the land is a much better solution to avoid conflict with the owner of the front lot, said Forbes.

It’s an opportunity to tidy up the bylaw and delegate authority back to planning board and council and for them to determine the most appropriate situations when this type of subdivision should occur, he said.

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