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Big mix: New equipment for Middleton business


The fertilizer plant on the corner of Route 1A and Route 225 in Middleton has a big new update.

Workers installed a new mixing tower at McCain Fertilizers’ facility on March 6.

The large tower is shaped like an upside-down milk carton. It will hold 14 different fertilizer ingredients so customers can get the perfect blend on demand, said Jason Ramsay of McCain Produce Ltd.

“We blend it as they need it.”

The new tower was lifted into place by two cranes to sit above the mixer.  

“With weather and all that other stuff, we were a little bit delayed, but we’re still on schedule,” said operations supervisor Rodney MacWilliams the morning of the big lift.

The previous mixing tower was 23 years old and due for replacement.  

When the plant was built, it was ahead of its time with space for 10 ingredients, said Ramsay. Over the years, three more bins were added to adapt to the shifting needs of the farming industry.

Farmers are working to use the minimum amount of nutrients needed to feed their crop, Ramsay said.

It’s not just a cost savings. 

“It’s a step in the right direction of stewardship.”

It will take a few more weeks to put all the moving parts back together in the mixing tower. The 14 chambers are opened and closed with an electric-over-air system. There are also sensors to monitor the level of ingredient in each section.

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