Charlottetown curlers head club champions

Tammi Cudmore and Phillip McInnis teams win The Dominion tournament at Silver Fox

Published on March 30, 2014
Skip Phillip McInnis, of the Charlottetown curling complex, aims a seventh-end shot while lead Rodney Hood, left, and second Cory Arsenault prepare to sweep it into place.
Michael Nesbitt / Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – The Charlottetown Curling Complex men’s and women’s teams came away with provincial championships in The Dominion tournament, an inter-club challenge started six years ago.

Phillip McInnis, skip of the men’s team, described the final against the Silver Fox team of Leo Stewart as a tight contest. They traded singles until the fifth of eight ends, before stealing a deuce in the sixth to seal the game.

“The boys played very well; if we had a miss the next guy stepped up and made the shot,” and they capitalized on errors, he praised.

Adam Arsenault played third stone, Cory Arsenault stepped into second, and spare Rodney Hood took lead.

“The guys I have with me are new curlers, so we don’t play a lot of trying to run the rocks. We do try and keep it wide open,” and play the chances when they come.

The Summerside men finished the round robin with a clean record of 5-0, but couldn’t carry that through the final. Stewart assessed that he didn’t have a great final game, crediting teammates Barry Cameron, Paul Matheson and Alan Montgomery with the successes they did post.

Tammi Cudmore’s Charlottetown women’s team came through the tournament unbeaten, finally downing the Silver Fox women’s team of Kim Aylward by a score of 9-2 after six ends.

“My team’s just awesome: they set me up every end,” Cudmore commended, describing herself as the weakest link.

Cudmore had just returned from a three-week vacation, and noted that she was returning to the game after a five-year hiatus. She credits practice one night a week with her teammates Julie Scales, Jane DiCarlo, and Anne Chouinard as the needed formula, adding that DiCarlo injected a positive spirit when she joined the team in December.

“I felt confident; lots of practice. It’s been a long season,” DiCarlo attributed her contribution.

Aylward and her team of Nancy Sinclair, Michelle Weaver, and Debbie Caissy came from third place in the round robin , but couldn’t carry the momentum.

“We were just on the wrong side of the inch on most shots,” Aylward recalled afterward.

“We were putting the rocks in the house, trying to get something going, and just didn’t” she admitted.

It was a pretty balanced tournament overall, described Gerald Caissy, president of the host Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club, despite the short games.

“It was strong teams coming to play, at the club curler level and, just like any championship, anything can happen,” he summarized.

Caissy feels the chances for P.E.I. are reasonable when the Island’s Dominion champions face off in the national event which will be played in Halifax in November.

The Dominion insurance company set up the event six years ago to build a capacity in club curling, for curlers to have something to work towards and strive for at the club level, Caissy outlined. The idea was to encourage a stronger curler, who perhaps has higher-level experience, to form a team of newer curlers, encouraging other club members to engage competition as well as recruiting new curlers to the game.