No records fall at 2017 sprint triathlon

MacKinnon, Pridham race winners

Published on September 9, 2017

Overall winner Mike MacKinnon reaches for some water at the half-way point of the run leg in Saturday’s eighth annual Mill River Sprint Triathlon.

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WOODSTOCK -- Mike MacKinnon made it three-for-three in winning the eighth annual Mill River Sprint Triathlon Saturday. “I didn’t beat my record, but I felt good,” he described his result.

The Miscouche resident, who set a new course record the first time he entered in 2015, fell a minute and 26 seconds short of the standard this year. His 2017 time of one hour eight minutes and 45 seconds gave him first place over-all and with a cushion of almost eight minutes.
He won all three disciplines, the 750-meter swim, 20-km bike ride and five-kilometer run.

Lori Pridham, who made her sprint triathlon debut at Mill River last year, was the overall women’s winner this year, shaving almost eight minutes off her previous time.
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“My swim felt okay. My bike felt strong and my run felt better than it has here, ever, so I thought, I’m going to be close,” he said of challenging for his own record. He suggested a headwind on the away halves of the bike loops might have helped to keep both men’s and women’s records from falling.

Mike MacKinnon, from left, Cory Birch and Scott Clark finished first, second and third over-all in the Mill River Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. Top three women’s finishers, in order, from left, were Lori Pridham, Mary Hart and Patty Dexter.

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Lori Pridham, from Summerside won the women’s race. Her overall time of 1:22.49 was a minute and 23 seconds off the new standard Jen Hawrylak set last year. Hawrylak did not compete this year.

Dave Perry, left and Cory Birch towel off after finishing the swim portion of the Mill River Sprint Triathlon before hopping on their bikes for a 20-km race.

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Cory Birch is directed towards the transition area as he finishes the bike leg of the sprint triathlon. The event starts with a 750-meter swim, then a 20-km bike race and finishes with a five –km run. Birch finished second overall.
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It was Pridham’s second time competing in the Mill River race, having made her triathlon debut there last year. She improved her time by almost eight minutes over last year’s fourth place finish.  Pridham fell as she was dismounting from the bike leg of the race on Saturday or else her finish time might have been even faster.  It was her fourth and last triathlon of the year and she said it was nice to finish off with a win after third- and fourth-place finishes.

MacKinnon said he really likes the Mill River event and especially the finish to the bike and run legs through the trees along the entrance to Mill River Experience.

Paul Dalton, left, and Arnie Johnston meet in the Mill River Experience pool during the swim leg of the sprint triathlon.
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The Mill River Sprint Triathlon, organized by participants Paul Dalton and Jacquie Lidstone, is normally held in June, but renovations at the host Mill River Experience, pushed it to September this year. Dalton estimated eight regular participants were unable to attend the late summer event. Five women and nine men competed in the eighth annual event.

The event will revert back to June next year.

Mary Hart who finished second in the women’s race for a second consecutive year, placed second to Pridham in the swim and bike legs and finished ahead of Pridham in the run. Patty Dexter had third place finishes in the bike and the run events to take third overall, and Janice Skeffington had a third place finish in the swim.

Patty Dexter finishes strong in the eighth annual Mill River Sprint Triathlon Saturday, taking third overall in the women’s event.
Eric McCarthy/Journal Pioneer

Cory Birch, second overall in the men’s race, was second in the swim and the run and third in the bike race. Scott Clark, third overall, was second in the bike and third in the swim and Dalton, fourth overall, had a third place finish in the run.

MacKinnon was on the receiving and giving ends of some good-natured ribbing following his fast times in the third heat of the day. After finishing the race he discovered fellow competitors had flatten one of his bike tires. That was a reminder, he said, to the flat tire he discovered during his transition in a race in Maine He noted fellow competitor Arnie Johnston encountered five flats during an Ironman event in Mont Tremblant. “Now, I think we’re all a little bit more nervous about flat tires,” he commented.

Women’s race times          Swim  Bike    Run     Total (including transitions)

1. Lori Pridham         14:22  40:36  24:44  1:22:49

2.    Mary Hart           14:48  42:11  23:52  1:23:27

3. Patty Dexter          16:59  44:16  27:42  1:32:44

4. Janice Skeffington 16:38  46:40  29:07  1:35:37

5. Jacquie Lidstone    18:43  60:38  35:37  1:59:08

Men’s race times

1. Mike MacKinnon   14:03  33:10  18:08  1:08:45

2.    Cory Birch           14:25  38:47  20:21  1:16:31

3.   Scott Clark            14:30  37:29  25:06  1:20:13

4.  Paul Dalton           17:36  41:37  21:42  1:24:44

5.   Dave Perry           14:33  42:00  25:37  1:25:19

6. Arnie Johnston      14:50  41:43  28:42  1:29:05

7. Clarke Petty           15:54  47:29  24:51  1:32:18

8. Nathan Archibald  15:12  48:07  33:54  1:40:33

9. Darren Reeves       23:20  50:21  27:23  1:46:50