Twisted Sisters back in action

Roller derby action returns to Credit Union Place on Saturday night

Published on August 28, 2015
The Summerside Twisted Sisters will host the Dockyard Brawlers from Halifax on Saturday at The Plex at Slemon Park.
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SUMMERSIDE – Prince Edward Islanders will have the chance to check out one of the fastest-growing sports at Credit Union Place’s Ice Pad on Saturday.

The Summerside-based Twisted Sisters will line up against Halifax’s Dockyard Brawlers at 7 p.m. Flat track roller derby has grown to the point where there are approximately 1,250 amateur leagues worldwide, including two on P.E.I. There are the Summerside-based Wharf City Rollers, home of the Twisted Sisters, and there are two teams in a Charlottetown league.

So, for first-time fans, what can they expect to see?

Well, first of all, it may not be the roller derby that was once on television. Today’s action features strategic play that utilizes athletic skills and sports smarts.

Roller derby is a contact sport played on roller skates by two teams of five members, skating in the same direction around a flat oval track.

Game play consists of a series of jams (short matches) in which both teams have a jammer, which is recognized by a star on her helmet, and she scores points by lapping members of the opposing team.

The other four members are blockers who try to block the opposing jammer while assisting their own jammer. In effect, these players are playing both offence and defence simultaneously.

A full team of referees tracks the speedy action, points earned and penalties.

Participants are referred to by their unique “derby names” while an announcer provides a running commentary to help fans keep track of the action and a DJ plays music to keep the energy high.

Admission is $6 or $5 with a donation to the local food bank.




Twister Sisters’ roster for Saturday:

Machine Gun Kelly – Kelly Doyle.

Kick Her ASSets – Tara Simmons.

Mel-icious Femme – Melissa Arsenault.

Mama Class – Laura Peters-Gallant.

HellCat Fury – Shelley Schurman.

Brometheus Pound – Bronwyn Breeze.

L’il T’struction – Teresa Dennis-Gallant.

Lady G Slipper – Jamie Griffin.

Slamonella Poisoning – Tammy Bryant.

Krissy KarCRASHian – Kristine Heer.

Tiny Danger – Kelly MacInnis.

Stompin’ Mom – Kendra MacLellan.

Mosie O’Pummel – Maureen Gay.