UPDATED: Big week for Cyr

Abram-Village native wins second race in four days

Jason Simmonds newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on August 9, 2014

SUMMERSIDE – It’s been a big week of running for Alex Cyr of Abram-Village.

The 18-year-old won his second P.E.I. Road Runners Club race in four days on Saturday morning. Cyr, who won the Hugh A. Campbell Memorial Five-Mile Run in Grahams Road on Wednesday night in 28 minutes 54 seconds (28:54), edged out Chuck Dixon at the finish line of the 22nd annual Source for Sports 10K Road Race behind Summerside Intermediate School on Beaver Street in 34:58. Dixon was four seconds behind at 35:02.

“I was looking forward to this week,” said Cyr, who is planning to run in the Gold Cup 5K Trot in Charlottetown on Friday, Aug. 15. “I knew these two races were coming up, and there’s another one next week.”

Mike MacKinnon (35:46), Alex Bain (35:57) and Billy MacDonald (36:56) rounded out the top five.

Jennie Ellen Orr was the top female runner, finishing 21st overall in 45:10. Jacinthe Jackson (45:20), 22nd overall; Julie Connors-MacDonald (51:02), 28th overall; Lisa Ritchie (51:16), 29th overall, and Shelley Cole-Arbing (51:33), 31st overall rounded out the top five female runners.


Close finish

Cyr and Dixon moved to the front at about the three-kilometre mark, and led the 53-runner field the rest of the way.

“For the next six, 6.5K we were exchanging the lead and pushing each other,” explained Cyr. “I guess it pulled us up to a better time.”

As the runners came off Walker Avenue onto Granville Street Cyr and Dixon were running side by side with a comfortable lead. From there the runners headed towards the highway for the short distance to Central Street for the stretch run towards the finish line.

Cyr says he took the lead for good with “maybe 200 metres to go,” adding not knowing what kind of a runner Dixon is forced him to stay right with him.

“I didn’t know if he was going to blow me out,” said Cyr. “I knew I had a pretty strong kick.”

Cyr, a member of the St. Francis Xavier University cross-country team, admitted that although his time was better Saturday, he felt he had less stamina compared to Wednesday’s run, which was over a dirt road with some inclines and hills.

“The course was a lot faster today (Saturday) than on Wednesday,” said Cyr, referring to the course that runs through the City of Summerside. “That race on Wednesday and playing hockey yesterday (Friday) for an hour and a half, that put a bunch of junk in my legs, but I was good to go this morning.”

Asked if the weather conditions played a factor, Cyr described them as nice.

“We had great weather on both Wednesday and today,” he said. “It’s always supposed to rain and it never does.

“It’s been more humid than this before, so I find it fine.”

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Source for Sports

10K Road Race

SUMMERSIDE – Complete results for the Source for Sports 10K Road Race on Saturday morning:

1. Alex Cyr (34 minutes 58 seconds, 34:58); 2. Chuck Dixon (35:02); 3. Mike MacKinnon (35:46); 4. Alex Bain (35:57); 5. Billy MacDonald (36:56); 6. Scott Clark (38:01); 7. Steve Reeves (39:34); 8. Mike Peterson (39:40); 9. Daniel Meister (39:53); 10. Cory Birch (40:09);

11. Sean McCormick (40:15); 12. Blair McQuaid (42:49); 13. Derek Underhill (42:53); 14. Peter Walker (43:12); 15. Chris Murphy (43:58); 16. Michael Irvine (44:11); 17. Michael Lopresti (44:17); 18. Richard Prinsen (44:45); 19. Brett Beauvais (45:01); 20. Vincent Merriam (45:10);

21. Jennie Ellen Orr (45:10); 22. Jacinthe Jackson (45:20); 23. Stephen Clow (45:25); 24. Samuel Peterson (47:35); 25. Curt Goodwin (47:50); 26. Paul Baker (49:06); 27. Chris Beauvais (50:41); 28. Julie Connors-MacDonald (51:02); 29. Lisa Ritchie (51:16); 30. Paul Chessman (51:26);

31. Shelley Cole-Arbing (51:33); 32. Barry Richard (51:42); 33. Robin Potter (51:57); 34. Rachel Carter (53:30); 35. Mary Dixon (53:46); 36. Amanda Allen-Moffat (53:47); 37. Bart Sutherland (54:35); 38. Kent MacLaren (55:04); 39. Gordon McCarville (55:19); 40. Angela Rogers (55:55);

41. Clayton Coughlin (56:31); 42. Jonathan Gregory (56:31); 43. Torunn Anderson (58:20); 44. Elaine Chessman (58:43); 45. Shauna Perry (59:22); 46. Shannon Ochsner (59:22); 47. Paul Kelly (59:51); 48. Dave Good (1:04:18); 49. Louise Coughlin (1:05:38); 50. Anne Cooper (1:05:50);

51. Chris Arsenault (1:12:33); 52. Rebecca Gregory (1:15:39); 53. Nancy Anderson (1:19:51).




Alex Cyr, right, and Chuck Dixon were the top two finishers in the 22nd annual Source for Sports 10K Road Race in Summerside on Saturday morning. Cyr finished four seconds ahead of Dixon.

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