Old-fashioned Maritime tradition big part of run for female winner

In Hugh A. Campbell Memorial Run

Jason Simmonds newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on August 7, 2014

GRAHAMS ROAD – Cindy King-Williams combined running and an old-fashioned Maritime tradition at the Hugh A. Campbell Memorial Run on Wednesday evening.

“We love to do what we call fun runs, not road races,” said King-Williams, who works as a pharmaceutical sales representative in Sydney, Australia. “We looked it up and it was on P.E.I. on a Wednesday night, so it was a good reason to come.

“It was a lovely event. It’s actually my husband Sean’s birthday tomorrow (Thursday), so I thought do I take him for lobster, for mussels?

“Then I thought hot dogs, ice cream and strawberries at a church hall (Prince Edward Masonic Lodge), you couldn’t get more Maritimes than that.”

Top female

King-Williams was the first female to cross the finish line for the five-mile run in a time of 35 minutes 33 seconds (35:33), good enough for a very respectable fourth-place overall showing out of 34 runners. Nine other participants took part in a four-kilometre walk.

 “It was hilly,” said the 43-year-old King-Williams in describing the out-and-back course over a dirt road. “It was a lovely course, and because it was out and back I just wanted to see the men coming back because it meant I was closer (to the finish).

“It was a good tough course, and the weather was perfect in that light rain and it cooled down.”

When asked if she was happy with her time, King-Williams, who is originally from Avonport, N.S., commented: “It was probably a bit slow, but it was a tough course, and jet lag and all that. I’m happy to have done it.”

Pat Ellis (40:08), 12th overall, and Rebecca Gallant (40:59), 14th overall, rounded out the top three female runners.

Visiting P.E.I. for first time

King-Williams and Sean, who is visiting P.E.I. for the first time, arrived on P.E.I. on Tuesday morning from visiting family members in Nova Scotia.

“We are having a wonderful time,” said King-Williams, who added the couple took in Anne and Gilbert The Musical. “We went to what we call the fair down at the 2014 celebrations today (Wednesday), and saw the gorgeous red soil.”

An elite running coach, Sean finished second overall in a time of 30:28.



Hugh A. Campbell

Memorial Run results:

Five-Mile Run

1. Alex Cyr (28 minutes 54 seconds, 28:54); 2. Sean Williams (30:28); 3. Alex Bain (30:43); 4. Cindy King-Williams (35:33); 5. Ken Taylor (36:51); 6. Peter Walker (37:19); 7. John Bowser (38:07); 8. Noel Pendergast (38:43); 9. Alex Campbell (38:54); 10. Kevin Stairs (39:01);

11. David Perry (39:41); 12. Pat Ellis (40:08); 13. Clarke Petty (40:33); 14. Rebecca Gallant (40:59); 15. Steven Booth (41:53); 16. Dianne Watts-Pye (43:28); 17. Wayne Gairns (43:42); 18. Tracey Brioux (44:35); 19. Ivan Gallant (45:54); 20. Donnie Youland (45:57);

21. Barry Richard (45:59); 22. Alanna Saulnier (46:21); 23. Reta Holland (46:22); 24. Sarah Crane (46:26); 25. Adrien Sherry (46:35); 26. Tim Pendergast (46:47); 27. Nancy Harvey (47:17); 28. Pam Campbell (47:17); 29. Patty Dimond (51:10); 30. Hana Gudelis (51:10);

31. Pam Cousins (52:06); 32. Ellen Taylor (52:16); 33. Chrissy Campbell (52:49); 34. Brittany Martin (57:15).

Four-Kilometre Walk

Joe Murphy (32:24); 2. Mike Murphy (32:25); 3. Shirley Campbell (47:17); 4. Dana Gudelis (48:27); 5. Phoebe Gudelis (53:36); 6. Jon Gudelis (53:36); 7. Don Campbell (56:16); 8. Carolyn Campbell (56:18); 9. Sherry Campbell (56:20).