MacLean, Harrington KISH's athletes of the year

Both graduating students left their mark on athletic program

Jason Simmonds
Published on June 8, 2014
Athletic director Logan Roche, right, offers congratulations to three major award winners at Kensington Intermediate-Senior High School’s recent senior awards assembly. From left: Emma MacLean, female athlete of the year; Aidan Harrington, male athlete of the year, and Makayla Oatway, John Bowness achievement award.

Jason Simmonds/Journal Pioneer

KENSINGTON – Two Grade 12 students who have certainly left their mark on the Kensington Intermediate-Senior High School (KISH) athletic program have been recognized as athletes of the year.

Emma MacLean took the female award for the second time in three years, and Aidan Harrington was named the top male during the school’s annual senior awards assembly recently.

“It’s really exciting to win an award like this as there are so many good athletes (at KISH),” said MacLean, who was named female athlete of the year as a Grade 10 student in 2012.

Harrington said he was a bit surprised to receive the award.

 “It’s exciting,” he added.

MacLean and Harrington were also presented with P.E.I. School Athletic Association outstanding student-athlete medallions. These are awarded to Grade 12 students on two major or two minor sports teams, and maintain an average of 85 per cent or higher.

Impact athlete

KISH athletic director Logan Roche described MacLean as dedicated, game changer, leader, driven, talented, all-star and a coach’s dream.

“These are words that don’t even begin to describe this year’s female athlete of the year,” said Roche.

A five-sport athlete, MacLean was the most valuable player (MVP) in volleyball and basketball while competing in badminton, track and field and rugby. She led the senior AAA volleyball team to a provincial silver medal, was instrumental in the senior girls’ basketball team qualifying for the AAA playoffs and helped the senior AA rugby team win a bronze medal.

“This young lady is proof that practice makes perfect,” said Roche. “The only time she misses a practice is because she is practising.

“You will never find a more determined, dedicated and driven athlete. She takes her athletics and academics very seriously. . . If you look at her athletic resumé, you will find that success and excellence follow her everywhere she goes.”

MacLean, who will study biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S., has many positive memories of KISH.

“It’s been so much fun,” reflected the 18-year-old daughter of Calvin and Tracy MacLean of Kensington. “I’ve met so many friends and had so many great coaches and learned so much from each one of them, especially a shout out to Richard Younker (KISH volleyball and badminton coach).

“It’s been an awesome time at KISH.”

Varsity basketball

Harrington will also continue his education in Halifax, where he will take the foundation year program at the University of King’s College and will play varsity basketball.

“This athlete’s emotion and passion for sport burn so bright for such a young man,” said Roche.

The 17-year-old son of Alan and Valerie Harrington of Spring Valley proudly wore KISH’s green and white colours in basketball, soccer, cross-country and track and field. He was the MVP in basketball, took on a leadership role in all four sports and also excelled academically.

“He is a polite, mild-mannered and caring young man when you meet him in the halls, but on the basketball court he’s a different story,” noted Roche. “His teammates respect him, and look up to him.

“I know this because I spent eight days sleeping in a school in Cape Breton with his team (at the Coal Bowl), and got to witness him in his role as a leader 24/7.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the men’s AA provincial silver medals were a direct result of his strong will and leadership.”

Harrington leaves KISH with many fond memories.

“I’ve really enjoyed my years at KISH,” he said. “It’s been a lot of fun. I learned a lot from all the coaches I’ve had here, and played with a great group of players. I’ve met a lot of good friends.”


KISH Awards

Kensington Intermediate-Senior High School awards:



Most dedicated players – Keegan Dyment, Ellen Murray.


Senior AA Boys

Most improved player (MIP) – Colby McGuirk.

Most dedicated player (MDP) – Dylan MacIsaac.

Most valuable player (MVP) – Jake Reynolds.

Douglas Ramsay most sportsmanlike player award – James Murphy.

Senior A Girls

MIP – Heather Harris.

MDP – Cassidy Champion.

MVP – Emily Kelly.

Alysha Toombs spirit of the game award – Nathaly Munoz.


Senior AAA Girls

MIP – Makayla Oatway.

MDP – Shannon Pocock.

MVP – Emma MacLean.


MDP – Andrew Sharpe.


Senior AA Boys

MIP – Mackenzie Corcoran.

Coaches choice award – Jake Reynolds.

MVP – Aidan Harrington.

Senior AA Girls

MIP – Olivia Roberts.

MDP – Brooke Johnston.

MVP – Emma MacLean.


MVP – Lindsay Ramsay.


Senior AA Girls

MIP – Abby Donald.

MDP – Brenann Davis.

MVP – Shannon Pocock.

Senior AA Boys

MIP – Patrick Corcoran.

MDP – Colby McGuirk.

MVP – James Murphy.


Senior Boys

Clutch player award – Drew Grady.

MVP – Matthew Crozier.

Senior Girls

MIP – Teila Coulson.

Note: The KISH softball players played on boys and girls’ teams with Kinkora Regional High School players.

Track and Field

Awards will be presented following Saturday’s P.E.I. School Athletic Association provincial track and field championships.

PEISAA Outstanding

Student-Athlete Awards

Medals – Emma MacLean and Aidan Harrington.

Certificate – Makayla Oatway.

Note: These are awarded to Grade 12 students on two major or two minor sport teams who maintain an average of 85 per cent or higher.

John Bowness Achievement Award

Makayla Oatway.

Note: This award is presented in honour of a former longtime KISH athletic director and coach, and is awarded to a senior high student who shows dedication, determination and enthusiasm for sport.

Athletes of the Year

Female – Emma MacLean.

Male – Aidan Harrington.




MVP – Jillian Marchbank.


MVP – Ben Christopher.


AA Girls

MVP – Jillian Ferguson.


MDP – Lexie Murphy.


AA Girls

MVP – Abby Donald.

AA Boys

MVP – Noah Rogerson.

Gerald Dixon Achievement Awards

(For Midget Basketball)

Female – Annie Tuplin.

Male – Patrick Corcoran.


MVP – Lexie Murphy.

Track and Field

Awards will be presented following Saturday’s P.E.I. School Athletic Association provincial track and field championships.


Student Council

Outstanding contribution – Emily Gallant.

Most dedicated – Caitlyn Ramsay.

Brianna Silliker school spirit award – Makayla Oatway.


Deserving senior drama award – Jacquelina Wiegers.

Certificates – Aidan Harrington, Emily Gallant, Sydney Gillis, Jeff Gravina, Emma MacMillan, Jesse Mark, Veronica Murray, Brandon Pollon, Makayla Powell, Caitlyn Ramsay, Eleanora Semprini, Marya Wiegers.


Editor’s book award – Jenna Moase.

Outstanding contribution (editor) – Jenna Moase.

Grad Class

President’s award – Teila Coulson.

Peer Tutoring

Certificates to members – Sean Cordeiro, Franki Gallant, Dharma MacKay, Brooke Miles, Chanelle Miles, Jennifer Weir.

Student Police

Co-captains – Breann Davis, Noemie Joncourt.

Leigh Ramsay most dedicated member award – Mackenzie Corcoran.


Significant contribution – Alyson MacLean.

Breakfast Program

Significant contribution – Noemie Joncourt.

Concert Band and Jazz Band

Most dedicated concert band – Hollie Gravina.

Most dedicated jazz band – Makayla Powell.

Most dedicated concert and jazz band – Caitlyn Ramsay.

Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism

Significant contribution awards (co-presidents) – Haley Evans, Paige MacKay.

Agriculture Certificate

Significant contribution awards – Megan Gaudet, Kelsey Donald.

KISH Stands Up

Certificates to members – Gwenyth Clark, Hailey Cole, Mackenzie Corcoran, Chelsey Dawson, Kelsey Donald, Haley Evans, Megan Gaudet, Sydney Gillis, Hollie Gravina, Noemie Joncourt, Brett MacDermott, Brianna MacKay, Paige MacKay, Emma MacLean, Brooke Miles, Chanelle Miles, Samantha Munden, Nathaly Munoz, Makayla Powell, Lindsay Ramsay, Eleonora Semprini, Jennifer Weir.

Special presentation to Rotary International Exchange student – Eleonora Semprini.

Medals of Distinction

Silver – Breann Davis, Haley Evans, Emily Gallant, Heather Harris, Noemie Joncourt, Paige MacKay, Jenna Moase, Nathaly Munoz, Makayla Oatway, Jacquelina Wiegers.

Gold – Gwenyth Clark, Sydney Gillis, Emma MacLean, Shannon Pocock, Makayla Powell, Caitlyn Ramsay, Jennifer Weir.

Note: These are awarded to graduating students to mark their involvement in extracurricular activities and academics. Students receive silver for accumulating 600 points during Grades 10 to 12, and receive gold for accumulating 825 points during Grades 10 to 12.


Student Council

Outstanding contribution – Annie Tuplin.

Concert and Jazz Band

Most dedicated junior student award – Janette Kerry.

Awards of Excellence Certificates

Grade 7 – Caleb McKenna.

Grade 8 – Johnathan Lauwerijssen.

Grade 9 – Jaimie Wood.


Most dedicated award – Becca Wiegers.

Certificates – Paige Arden, Olivia Barbour, Amaya Black, Kristin Champion, Patrick Corcoran, Emma Gillis, Brandon Johnston, Lauren LaFrance, Emily MacDonald, Colin MacKenzie, Caleb McKenna, Mackenzie Stanfield.

KISH Stands Up

Certificates – Shianne Adams, Paige Arden, Livy Barbour, Victoria Bond, Callie Champion, Abby Christopher, Bailey Clark, Josh Coulson, Abby Donald, Jillian Ferguson, Emma Gillis, Josie Green, Chloe Greenan, Brandon Johnston, Hannah Johnstone, Hanna Lanteigne, Emily MacDonald, Colin MacKenzie, Hilary MacLean, Caleb McKenna, Mary Kate Picketts, Angel Perry, Keanna Reid, Marilyn Sheen, Jillian Stewart, Annie Tuplin, Becca Wiegers, Jamie Wood, Tim Yorke.

Sewing Club

Certificates – Moira Dickieson, Jillian Ferguson, Josie Green, Shannon Hill, Skye MacAusland, Hannah Reeves, Bethany Spencer, Jillian Stewart.

Grade 9 Special Awards

Jordan Jones for bowling a high single.

Holden Sheen for bowling a low single.

Certificates of Achievement

Jacob Blackett, Dominick Boyd, Lauren Cassidy, Chloe Champion, Ben Christopher, Brielle Clark, Riley Cole, Patrick Corcoran, Abby Donald, Alexis Dyck, Austin Gallant, Jenna Gorrill, Quinn Hamilton-Irving, Jackson Hogg, Janette Kerry, Brandon Johnston, Dylan MacLeod, Nick Mann, Jillian Marchbank, Jensen Mayne, Gary Paynter, Mary Kate Picketts, Courtney Profitt, Reint-Jan Rammelaere, Noah Rogerson, Holden Sheen, Annie Tuplin, Jaimie Wood, Emily Woodside.

Note: These are awarded to Grade 9 students passing into Grade 10 to mark their involvement in the school and extracurricular activities.

Achievement Awards

Chloe Champion, Abby Donald, Mary Kate Picketts, Courtney Profitt, Annie Tuplin, Jaimie Wood.

Note: These are awarded to Grade 9 students who have demonstrated academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and positive attitude. The awards are voted on by the staff.