MacQuarrie centre of attention

During recent stock car racing program

Jeremy MacDonald
Published on June 26, 2014
Randy Millar and Tyler Gauthier, 11, were involved in a spectacular crash coming out of Turn 2 during a recent stock car racing program at Oyster Bed Speedway. Both drivers were unharmed. Racing resumes on Saturday at 7 p.m.
Marlie Paynter Photo

OYSTER BED BRIDGE – Brodie MacQuarrie was the centre of attention for most of the night during a recent stock car racing program here at Oyster Bed Speedway.

In the Late Model Division’s opening race, MacQuarrie found an opening and pulled beside leader Allison MacKinnon. With the checkered flag waving, the two made contact coming out of Turn 4, and MacQuarrie was able to cross the finish line first for the controversial win.

MacQuarrie was again involved in another incident in the semifinal race. With drivers battling for position coming out of Turn 2, Tyler Gauthier and Randy Millar made contact, which sent the two cars on a wild ride. Gauthier’s car, after making contact with Millar’s driver-side door, was launched into the air and drove right up the side of Millar’s car, nearly flipping before the two cars finally came to rest on the infield. Millar was forced to exit his vehicle through the passenger-side window.

The pace car picked up the field as the pack crept by the wreck. Millar became infuriated with MacQuarrie, accusing him of causing the wreck, and ran to the car trying to get at the driver. Several track officials had to restrain Millar, who eventually calmed down and left the track to the pits.

In the end, MacQuarrie scored two wins, including the feature, with division leader Robbie MacEwen grabbing a pair of wins and Brandon Snow securing his first win of the season.


Street Stock Division

In the Street Stock Division, Nick Chaisson scored a pair of wins, including the feature, and added a third-place finish as well. More importantly, he moved into first place in division points.

Mark LeClair had a win, a second- and third-place finish.

The Street Stock Division will be front and centre on Saturday’s program that starts at 7 p.m. The opening round of the Super Series, with a 50-lap feature, is scheduled for the finale.


Outlaw Division

Kendall Palmer continued his recent hot streak by notching a pair of wins and a second-place finish in the feature of the Outlaw Division. This, however, was not enough to pass Tyler MacLean for the points lead. MacLean scored the feature win to add to the pair of thirds in his opening races.


Four Fun Division

In the Four Fun Division, Andy Shea, Charles Woolaver and Tyler Smith were all eventual winners.