Evangeline School athletes of year described as complete packages

Gallant, Hughes receive top athletic honours

Jason Simmonds newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on June 10, 2014
The major senior award winners from the Evangeline School Awards Gala proudly display their awards. From left: Jeanne Gallant, Evangeline School principal; Joel Arsenault, student of the year; Kaylee Arsenault, student of the year; Jacqueline Hughes, female athlete of the year; Jason Gallant, male athlete of the year, and athletic director Jason Arsenault.
Jason Simmonds/Journal Pioneer

ABRAM-VILLAGE – Evangeline School’s 2013-14 athletes of the year contributed in many more ways than just on a sports field or in a gymnasium.

“Excelling at sports for these two individuals is a given, but that’s not why they were chosen as athletes of the year,” said Evangeline School athletic director Jason Arsenault. “Their sportsmanship, their character, the way they hold their head high when they win, the way they hold their head high when they lose, the respect they have for their teammates, coaches and officials is what sets them apart.

“These two athletes are the complete package.”

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Grade 12 students Jacqueline Hughes and Jason Gallant. “These kids make school sports what it is,” continued Arsenault. “Their attitude and ongoing commitment serve as a great role model for the kids who will follow in their footsteps.”

Like Grade 9 students Tyson Arsenault and Nathalie Richard, who were announced as the midget athletes of the year during the Evangeline School Awards Gala held before a big crowd in the gymnasium.

Arsenault was the most valuable player in midget boys’ soccer while Richard was the most dedicated female in midget badminton and track and field, and was the most valuable player in midget softball.

“Nathalie Richard is a great all-around athlete with a great understanding of the game,” said Jason Arsenault. “She’s focused, she keeps her head in the game and gets the job done.”

Jason Arsenault described Tyson Arsenault as a phenomenal young athlete.

“For a young athlete at the intermediate level, he has a skill set that would make most seniors envious,” added Jason Arsenault. “He’s fast, he’s co-ordinated and he really knows how to set up plays to get his team in an offensive position for points depending on what sport he’s playing.”

Tyson Arsenault is the son of Christine and Kevin Arsenault while Richard is the daughter of Kelly and Desmond Richard.


Two years in a row

Gallant, the 18-year-old son of Claude and Darlene Gallant of Abram-Village, was named male athlete of the year for the second year in a row.

“I didn’t expect to win it twice in a row,” said Gallant. “I am surprised.”

Gallant represented the Evangeline Coyotes in four senior sports – soccer, golf, badminton and softball. One highlight for Gallant was the senior boys’ soccer team taking home the silver medal from the P.E.I. School Athletic Association (PEISAA) provincial senior A championships.

“It was actually a great year,” said Gallant, who was named the most valuable player in soccer and most dedicated player in softball. “We had a good experience and had fun the whole time.”


Dedication awards

A clear illustration of Hughes’ commitment to her teams is the fact she was named the most dedicated player in both soccer and badminton. She teamed with Joel Arsenault to win the PEISAA provincial senior mixed championship. That championship banner is proudly displayed on the wall outside the school’s main office.

“That was a pretty cool experience,” said Hughes reflecting on the provincial badminton championship.

Another highlight for Hughes in her senior year was the senior girls’ soccer team advancing to the provincial quarter-finals in just the second year of Evangeline School fielding a team.

“It was a pretty cool school athletic career,” continued Hughes, 18. “It’s a pretty small school, so I got to play each sport with basically the same group of girls. . . I’m going to miss it.”

The daughter of Ernest and Patsy Hughes of Sherbrooke also competed in softball and cross-country.

Next year, Arsenault plans to study industrial electrical at Holland College in Summerside, and Hughes will take science at the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia.

“I have no doubt in my mind that whatever they decide to set their sights on they will reach it,” added Arsenault.








List of results for the Evangeline

School athletics awards:




Most dedicated player (MDP) – Luc Gallant.


MDP – Shelaine Gallant.


MDP – Adéle Arsenault.


Most dedicated female – Myriam Cyr.

Most dedicated male – Joel Gallant.



Midget Girls

MDP – Nathalie Richard.

Most valuable player (MVP) – Joceline LeBlanc.

Midget Boys

MDP – Patrick Bernard.

MVP – Tyson Arsenault.

Senior Girls

Rookie of the year – Breannah Gaudet.

MDP – Jacqueline Hughes.

MVP – Adéle Arsenault.

Senior Boys

Rookie of the year – Joshua Nyonkuru.

MDP – Scott Bernard.

MVP – Jason Gallant.



Rookie of the year – Andrew Gallant.

MDP – Jeremy Gallant.

MVP – Ryan Gallant.




MDP – Cameron Gallant.


Most dedicated female – Nathalie Richard.

Most dedicated male – Rémi Arsenault.


MDP – Adéle Arsenault.


Most dedicated female – Jacqueline Hughes.

Most dedicated male – Joel Arsenault.


Track and Field


Most dedicated female – Chrystel Arsenault.

Most dedicated male – Evan Gallant.


Most dedicated female – Nathanie Richard.

Most dedicated male – Tyson Arsenault.


Most dedicated female – Myriam Cyr.

Most dedicated male – Jonathan Barriault.



Midget Girls

MDP – Stephanie Arsenault.

MVPs – Shelaine Gallant, Nathalie Richard.

Midget Boys

MDP – Marc-Andre Gallant.

MVP – Robert Richard.

Senior Girls

Rookie of year – Jenna Arsenault.

MDP – Adéle Arsenault.

MVP – Rachelle Gallant.

Senior Boys

Rookie of the year – Brett Ramsay.

MDP – Jason Gallant.

MVP – Riley Arsenault.


Athletes of the Year

Midget female – Nathalie Richard.

Midget male – Tyson Arsenault.

Senior female – Jacqueline Hughes.

Senior male – Jason Gallant.