PEISAA crowns badminton champions

Published on April 28, 2014

CHARLOTTETOWN – The P.E.I. School Athletic Association (PEISAA)/Black Knight provincial badminton championships were held at five Charlottetown and area locations on Thursday and Saturday.

Championship titles in novice, bantam, midget, juvenile and senior boys and girls’ categories were contested in singles, doubles and mixed play.

Most Island schools were represented in zone playoffs, with the top two from the four zones advancing to the provincials.

Jesse Cameron from Three Oaks Senior High (TOSH) took the gold medal in senior boys’ singles, defeating Joel Arsenault from Evangeline 21-18, 20-22, 21-13. This was the second year in a row the final was played between the two, and featured almost identical scores.

Matt Barlow of Three Oaks defeated Ben Keefe of Bluefield 21-15, 21-18 to claim the senior boys’ bronze medal. In doubles action, Cameron and Owen Arsenault from TOSH defeated Connor Loerick and Barlow of TOSH 21-17, 21-17 to win the title.  

Oliver Doucette and Keenan Wilkie defeated fellow Westisle Wolverines Brett Aylward and Kent Doucette 17-21, 21-16, 21-12 to win the bronze medal. With a first and second in doubles and a first and third in singles, TOSH won the provincial title with 15 points.



In senior girls’ action, Tiffany Cameron of Three Oaks defeated Jacqueline Hughes of Evangeline 21-9, 21-12 to win the provincial singles championship. Hailey Matthews of Westisle defeated Olivia Adams of Colonel Gray 21-9, 21-16 to claim the bronze medal in singles.

Kelly Curley and Jessica Gillis of Three Oaks defeated Emma Hughes and Ashley Richard 21-17, 21-17 to win the senior girls’ doubles championship. Keira Coady and Hannah Stevenson of Bluefield claimed the bronze medal.

Three Oaks won the provincial championship with a total of 10 points.  


Mixed doubles

Jacqueline Hughes and Joel Arsenault from Evangeline were crowned senior mixed doubles’ champions. They defeated Kiera Coady and Ben Keefe from Bluefield 21-12, 21-18.

Gillis and Loerick of Three Oaks defeated Matthews and Doucette of Westisle 21-18, 21- 19 to win the bronze medal.

Evangeline won the senior mixed provincial title with five points.


PEISAA Badminton


CHARLOTTETOWN – Following are the results of the recent P.E.I. School Athletic Association (PEISAA)/Black Knight provincial badminton championships:


Novice Girls


1. Lauren Lily (Athena)

2. Madison McHugh (Tignish)

3. Milla MacVicar (Spring Park)

4. Alicia Thomas (John J. Sark)


1. Madison McHugh/Valerie Harper (Tignish)

2. Kayla MacCallum/Milla MacVicar (Spring Park)

3. Jane Doyle/Lauren Sheppard (Athena)

4. Megan Batchilder/Devon Lawlor (L.M. Montgomery)

Provincial Champion

Tignish (8 points)


Novice Boys


1. Tony Fei-Zhao (Spring Park)

2. Jeremy Norman (Spring Park)

3. Ben MacDougall (Greenfield)

4. Gabe Inman (Montague Consolidated)


1. Tony Fei-Zhao/Jeremy Norman (Spring Park)

2. Gabe Inman/Jack King (Montague Consolidated)

3. Isaac Hendrickson/Tobias Hood (Spring Park)

4. Connor Gallant/Ben MacDougall (Greenfield)

Provincial Champion

Spring Park (15 points)


Bantam Girls


1. Julie Gallant (M.E. Callaghan)

2. Kate Gaudet (Summerside Intermediate)

3. Kate Compton (Morell)

4. Gracyn Handrahan (M.E. Callaghan)


1. Emma Jinks/Robyn Power (Stonepark)

2. Kate Compton/Lily MacKinnon (Morell)

3. Julie Gallant/Gracyn Handrahan (M.E. Callaghan)

4. Katherine McEwen/Alex McMonagle (Stonepark)

Provincial Champion

M.E. Callaghan (8 points)


Bantam Boys


1. Bradley Norman (Queen Charlotte)

2. Benoit Sampson (Francois Buote)

3. Ethan Boyd (Summerside Intermediate)

4. Ben Tanton (Summerside Intermediate)


1. Bradley Norman/Jack Ronahan (Queen Charlotte)

2. Lucas Banman/Benoit Sampson (Francois Buote)

3. Ethan Boyd/Parker Cameron (Summerside Intermediate)

4. Dylan Mugridge/Ben Tanton (Summerside Intermediate)

Provincial Champion

Queen Charlotte (10 points)       


Midget Girls


1. Kelsey MacKinnon (Miscouche)

2. Rickilee MacLeod (M.E. Callaghan)

3. Nikki Arsenault (Athena)

4. Sophia Blanchard (Queen Charlotte)


1. Nikki Arsenault/Katrina Martin (Athena)

2. Keirstyn Hamlin/Kelsey MacKinnon (Miscouche)

3. Sophia Blanchard/Sarah Murphy (Queen Charlotte)

4. Abby MacDonald/Alana Worth (East Wiltshire)

Provincial Champion

Miscouche (8 points)


Midget Boys


1. Tihan Hewagama (Queen Charlotte)

2. Logan MacDougall (Summerside Intermediate)

3. Owen Hall (Summerside Intermediate)

4.  Isaac Knox (M.E. Callaghan)


1. Tihan Hewagama/David Pan (Queen Charlotte)

2. Owen Hall/Logan MacDougall (Summerside Intermediate)

3. Jason Chen/Kallum Muirhead (Queen Charlotte)

4. Trent MacSwain/Sam Stewart (Morell)

Provincial Champion

Queen Charlotte (12 points)               


Juvenile Girls


1. Jada Yeo (Colonel Gray)

2. Maria Clinton (Souris High)

3. Haley Wood (Westisle)

4. Kristen Whiteway (Montague)


1. Jenna Mae Ellsworth/Jada Yeo (Colonel Gray)

2. Madeline Shea/Haley Wood (Westisle)

3. Sadie Knox/Vanessa Rennie (Westisle)

4. Christina Lourenso/Drew McKeigan (Charlottetown Rural)

Provincial Champion

Colonel Gray (10 points)


Juvenile Boys


1. Connor Jinks (Charlottetown Rural)

2. Alex MacFadyen (Three Oaks)

3. Mathurin Carr-Rollitt (Colonel Gray)

4. Logan VanderVelden (Three Oaks)


1. Spencer Beaton/Alex McCloskey (Bluefield)

2. Jake Banks/Colton Morris (Montague High)

3. Mathurin Carr-Rollitt/James Tweel (Colonel Gray)

4. Alex MacFadyen/Logan VanderVelden (Three Oaks)

Provincial Champion

Bluefield/Rural/Three Oaks (5 points)


Senior Girls


1. Tiffany Cameron (Three Oaks)

2. Jacqueline Hughes (Evangeline)

3. Hailey Matthews (Westisle)

4. Olivia Adams (Colonel Gray)


1. Kelly Curley/Jessica Gillis (Three Oaks)

2. Emma Hughes/Ashley Hughes (Evangeline)

3. Keira Coady/Hannah Stevenson (Bluefield)

4. Bethany Dunn/Chloe MacKinnon (Morell)

Provincial Champion

Three Oaks (10 points)


Senior Boys


1. Jesse Cameron (Three Oaks)

2. Joel Arsenault (Evangeline)

3. Matt Barlow (Three Oaks)

4. Ben Keefe (Bluefield)


1. Owen Arsenault/Jesse Cameron (Three Oaks)

2. Matt Barlow/Colin Loerick (Three Oaks)

3. Oliver Doucette/Kenan Wilkie (Westisle)

4. Brett Aylward/Kent Doucette (Westisle)

Provincial Champion

Three Oaks (15 points)


Mixed Doubles

1. Jacqueline Hughes/Joel Arsenault (Evangeline)

2. Keira Coady/Ben Keefe (Bluefield)

3. Jessica Gillis/Colin Loerick (Three Oaks)

4. Hailey Matthews/Kent Doucette (Westisle)

Provincial Champion

Evangeline (5 points)