A lesson in the ugly side of life

Published on August 28, 2014

To the Editor,
Part of my duties as a mother is to teach my children right from wrong, how to get along with each other, how to be kind and considerate and that there will be times in life where someone might hurt them physically or emotionally and I must prepare them to know how to handle hurt properly.

But do I really need to teach my child how to handle emotional hurt at 12 months old? I do my best to teach my children how to behave in public, but they are young. They will behave in a manner that may not be acceptable to some, but does that condone a stranger yelling at my child? No.

To the man who yelled "Shut-up" at my one-year-old son at a family restaurant; you have no right. He may be so young that he may not understand what you just said to him, but his sisters (eight and four) that were sitting right there, they heard what you said.

Last night I had to have some very difficult conversations with our daughters because of your actions. I had to teach them that the world is not as colourful and beautiful as they believe it to be. I had to teach them that there is ugly in the world. I spent hours mending broken hearts because of you.

That little boy that you yelled at, just 15 minutes earlier; he was sitting in his high chair, believing that you and your wife were wonderful people. He sat there and smiled and waved at you saying "Hi". And you rolled your eyes at him.

You said "We don't need to listen to this **** while we are paying to eat here" and your wife chimed in and agreed with you. Did you think we were eating there for free?

I'm sure you are double our age. Why is it that I was the adult in that conversation and not you?

I approached you like an adult to understand why you said the things you said to my amazing little boy, and you couldn't have an adult conversation.

I pray that you never do this to another family and that if there is a next time, you will approach someone with a problem appropriately instead of causing harm to innocent children.

I pray that you see this and that you have enough heart to at least wish you would have handled yourself differently.

Next time, please enjoy your beers and meals at a pub or somewhere else - not a family restaurant so that no more children have to see your ugliness.

Becky MacArthur,

Slemon Park