Rock the Boat Festival a huge success

Published on August 10, 2014

The recent Rock the Boat Music Festival in Port Hill was excellent and most enjoyable. The entertainment was great and it was especially nice to see entertainment other than country music for a change. 

I try to support as many concerts as possible on P.E.I., but I do find that our choices have become very limited. Not everyone is a country music fan and this concert provided a great alternative with such groups as Blue Rodeo, Allan Doyle and Jimmy Rankin.   

The prices for the tickets were very reasonable, which certainly helped with getting a big crowd with estimates in the range of 5,000. Concertgoers on P.E.I. have become accustomed to paying over-inflated prices at the concessions stands but that was not the case at this concert. Not many minded paying $5 for your favorite beverage or paying a reasonable price for your favorite food item.

One did not feel gouged upon leaving the concession stand like you do at most major concerts on P.E.I. It was great to see so many organizations benefit from this concert, whether it be a sports team or another organization, they made some money by volunteering and that is an added benefit to having a concert.

This concert facility at Green Park was excellent with all kinds of open space and adequate washroom facilities. I just can't say enough good things about the day.

Hopefully we will see another next year, as Prince County needs an attraction like this with so much potential for growth. All levels of government need to get on board with support and especially so with such an enthusiastic group of volunteers headed up by front man, Jeff Noye. His group did a fantastic job with this concert.  

Our provincial government has dumped truck loads of money into the Cavendish Beach Festival and the Rock the Boat Festival deserves at least some support in future years and not just this year as part of the 2014 celebrations.

There are a lot of people looking forward to next year and if organizers are looking for a good draw, people never get tired of listening to Bryan Adams.

Do we dare dream and see someone really big like the Eagles or Bruce Springsteen? A big thank-you goes out to everyone associated with the Rock the Boat Festival. It was a great event!       


Joe MacIntyre,

Summerside, P.E.I.