Getting MADD and driving home the message

Time to put an end to driving drunk

Published on November 18, 2016

sur le fil de presse

MADD (Mothers Against Driving Drunk) Canada has launched its annual Red Ribbon campaign. This group is very familiar with the dangers associated with impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

Many of the members have suffered the loss of a loved one because someone chose to drive when he or she was in no condition to do so.

Those crimes should not be happening, and all Canadians should be joining with MADD to put a stop to them. It’s all about awareness and a commitment to drive responsibly.


And just a reminder: driving impaired is irresponsible and criminal behavior. If drivers acknowledge that when they’re sober but forget about it when they’re drinking, then it’s time they stopped drinking. Period.

Keeping it clean

For the second time this year, during our morning ride to work, we’ve spotted an individual picking up garbage from along the sides of the road near his home.

Maybe it is a regular occurrence for him and, even if it is not, well, good for him for doing his part to clean up a little piece of Prince Edward Island.

Really, he shouldn’t need to do this, because there shouldn’t be garbage collecting along the sides of our roadways.

So here is an individual taking time out of his day picking up garbage other people thoughtlessly cast out of their car windows as they go merrily along life’s way.

And why does he do this? We didn’t stop to find out but we’ll give it a shot: Pride and ownership. Here is an individual so proud of where he lives that he takes some sort of ownership for the way it looks. He cleans it up.

It would be so easy to shrug and say, “I didn’t put it there,” until the sight of garbage becomes so common that no one would even notice it anymore; until no one would utter as much as a “tsk” at the sight of someone flinging a chip bag or a coffee cup from their vehicle. Really, if there’s room for a full bag of chips in ones vehicle, why isn’t there room for the empty bag?

Keep a garbage container in the vehicle to collect waste and then empty it at home. What’s so difficult or unnatural about that?

No, he doesn’t have to clean it up, but he does, and that is the type of example we need to heed. And, maybe the next time we see someone discard their garbage like its nobody’s business we will take note of their vehicle’s license plate or we will pull over and pick up their mess. There’s no need to add to the drama by bringing it back to its rightful owner; we just need to take it and put it in our green or black cart or blue bag, wherever it belongs. It just doesn’t belong in our ditches.

We live in a beautiful province. We all have a part to play in keeping it that way.