Tyne Valley - the little village that thinks big

Published on August 1, 2014

The president of the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival commented this week that his committee wants to show everybody that a little place like Tyne Valley can put on a big show.

The festival is delivering.

In this, its 50th anniversary year, it pulled off a world record-setting event, hosted its annual Canadian oyster shucking championship, and today it is playing host to its first-ever Rock the Boat Music Festival.

And don’t overlook that it puts on one of the finest community parades that can be found anywhere.

Sure, the festival has the lotteries, the talent shows, the soapbox derby and the pageant, like just about any other festival, but it also goes above and beyond.

The highly successful Canadian Oyster Shucking championship is evidence of that. Shuckers from across Canada flock to tiny Tyne Valley in search of the title, and they have a blast while they’re here.

But the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival is also, very much, a homecoming event. People plan their vacations so they can be home for the event.

The festival bursts with small town pride.

Of course, credit for the festival’s enduring qualities rests with the organizers who dare to think big and who are prepared to do the grunt work and the planning necessary to put on a first-class show.

Yes, Tyne Valley is a small place, but it is big on community spirit.