Is Clark Road the worst?

North Bedeque road nominated for CAA Worst Road competition

Published on April 18, 2017

Janice Fenner holds chunks of broken asphalt on Clark Road. The North Bedeque road was nomination in the CAA Worst Roads competition.

©Millicent McKay/Journal Pioneer

Cassandra Noonan is worried that one day someone will get seriously injured on Clark Road.

Her mother has lived on the North Bedeque road for 26 years and has spent copious hours trying to get the road repaved.

“My mom had a brand new sedan, but because it was so low to the ground she had to trade it in for a different car,” said Noonan.

Now, instead of going the traditional route, she’s hoping an outside–the–box idea will get the road repaired.

“I nominated the road in CAA’s Worst Roads competition. Maybe this will help change things.

“It’s a danger to people’s safety and the solution has to be better than using broken asphalt.”

Clark Road is currently in the top 10 for the Atlantic Canada region.

Donna Westerman and her husband moved to Clark Road in August from Ontario.

“This is more like a secondary road to me–like a road to lead to a cottage or a trailer, not a main road for houses.

“With the taxes we pay, I think it should be the same as every other neighbourhood road.”

Janice and Steve Fenner have owned their home on Clark Road for two years.

The pair have seen their share of road repair using Band-Aid techniques.

“They put broken up asphalt or dirt in the holes,” explained Janice.

Steve added, “It’s hard on the vehicles. The road is so broken and the holes just keeping getting worse. It just breaks apart and deteriorates more and more.”

They can see a difference from last fall to now.

“It’s crazy because there aren’t any heavy trucks driving on the road like dump trucks or tractors. There’s only regular-sized vehicles,” said Janice.

Jennifer Grant moved onto Clark Road in September.

She says the recent winter season didn’t do the road any favours.

“It’s difficult. We try to ride bikes here with our kids, but we worry about them slipping and falling. It’s hard to walk and run on. There is no guarantee you won’t lose your footing on the loose asphalt.”

Voting for the worst roads competition closes on April 27.

To vote for Clark Road, or another road nominated in the CAA Worst Roads competition, go to