Some newspaper delivery won't arrive in parts of P.E.I. today

Published on February 17, 2017

Weather conditions may cause delays in the delivery of your newspaper on Tuesday. Updates will be posted throughout the morning.

Road conditions are preventing the delivery of newspapers in parts of the Island today.

The Guardian delivery in areas of Kings County can not not be completed today due to road conditions.

The same is true for the Journal Pioneer in many areas of West Prince.

TC Media apologizes for this inconvenience but would like to draw everyone's attention to the availability of each paper's E-Edition.

You can receive an exact duplicate of today's printed edition, with many addeded features like voice read-back, translation and other features.

It is available by following the link of the newpaper image seen on the far right, lower down on our home page.

Sign in is the same as previous versions of this same product, free to all newspaper subscribers.