Plans being prepared to upgrade Holman’s and Queen’s wharves

Mike Carson
Published on August 6, 2014
Arnold Croken, president of the Summerside Port Corporation.
Colin MacLean/Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – Work is being scheduled to upgrade Holman’s Wharf and Queen’s Wharf on the Summerside waterfront.


Arnold Croken, president of the Summerside Port Corporation, said the work should begin this summer.

“We do have some repair work that we know we’re going to have to do on Holman’s Wharf,” he said. “We’ll be doing some work to investigate what needs to be done to stabilize that pier. We’re going to have to do some underwater diving.”

Croken said the port corporation knew the work would need to be done when the port was taken over by the corporation in February of 2011.

“That was one of the discussions,” he said. “We knew that Holman’s Wharf needed some repair work. Some of the sheet steel is getting bad. The Queen’s Wharf, also the same thing.”

Croken said the wharves are getting old “and things do change.”

There was a pile of lumber on Queen’s Wharf earlier this month but that had noting to do with the proposed work.

“It was just some piling that was ripped off during (tropical storm) Arthur,” Croken said. He said it came from an area where vessels tie up.

“We’re planning to do work on Queen’s Wharf so we just fished those out of the water and had them hauled away,” Croken said.

This is the second major repair effort the corporation has been involved with on the waterfront wharf network.

In May 2013, tenders were called for work on the east side of Government Wharf to clean up that area for vessels to dock.

That work was considered a priority of the corporation and needed to be done to provide a safe docking area for ships.

Work involved about 60 metres of repair on the east side of the wharf to reinforce where sinkholes had occurred.