Summerside and Island EMS in discussing joint fire/paramedic hall

Colin MacLean
Published on August 5, 2014

SUMMERSIDE – The City of Summerside and Island EMS are kicking around the idea of constructing one building to solve both their space problems.

The city is in the research stage of replacing its aged fire hall while Island EMS has been searching for a new location for its Summerside base.

Both organizations recently confirmed that they are examining the possibility of constructing one building to house both services.

The current fire hall on Foundry Street and the Island EMS office on First Street are both several decades old and are deteriorating.

Firefighters and paramedics work closely together anyway, and it’s always cheaper to build one structure instead of two, so the move would seem to make sense on the surface, said Claude Gavin, Island EMS manager for western P.E.I.

However, he cautioned that the talks are very preliminary now and that no one committed to anything.

“Everything right now is up in the air,” he said.

“We’re just listening to their ideas right now.”

In its 2014 budget, the City of Summerside earmarked $250,000 to get its fire hall replacement project started.

Council said back in March that the money would be used to cover preliminary costs like architectural consulting on the building’s design.

The city had previously received a preliminary report on a new fire hall, but it has yet to be made public.