Summerside comprising project list for Build Canada Fund

Mike Carson
Published on August 4, 2014
Summerside City Hall
Amber Nicholson/Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – Summerside city council is still reviewing the projects it will submit under the federal government’s New Build Canada Fund.


City council met on Friday to discuss possible projects for the federal program but a final list has not been drawn up.

“We’re going to put together a list which includes items from across the organization,” said Summerside Chief Administrative Officer Bob Ashley. “There are roads, storm water management, water, infrastructure and then, on the treatment side, wastewater treatment, and community-type projects that may have something connected with Credit Union Place.”

“I still have to gather my directors to say ‘start compiling your lists’ that we’re going to submit to the province.”

Last week the City of Charlottetown released five specific projects it wants to see financed through the Build Canada Fund.

“We’ll have some specific projects too but we may be deciding what they are and prioritizing them, or, we may choose to roll them in together. This isn’t an application form it’s just merely to see what things are on the horizon.”

Ashley said the province is asking all municipalities to respond before Sept. 11.

“We hope that by the end of the month we should have ours,” he said.

Ashley said the city is reviewing between 10 and 20 projects that may be eligible for funding under the Build Canada Fund and those will be short-listed to about five.

Prince Edward Island is far behind several other provinces in getting applications into the federal government for Build Canada Fund projects.

The funding was scheduled to start flowing on March 31 and has been distributed to at least six other provinces, according to Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart.

The province ran an advertisement in Monday’s Journal Pioneer calling for an expression of interest from communities to take part in the New Building Canada Fund.

In the ad the province notes “Prince Edward Island is currently in negotiations with the Government of Canada to finalize program parameters under the New Building Canada Fund for the provincial-territorial infrastructure component comprised of the National Regional Projects and the Small Communities Fund.”

On June 17, following an announcement in Wellington, federal Fisheries Minister and Egmont MP Gail Shea said the issue is in the hands of the province.

“The province will be administrating this fund,” the minister said. “The parameters are set out for the fund. As soon as the province is ready, and I assume they'll be ready soon to take applications, and will get their priority list into the federal government.”