Acadian festival comes to close Sunday

Brett Poirier
Published on August 31, 2014

ABRAM-VILLAGE - It's not everyday a 93-year-old woman gets on top of a 50-foot pole.

“The view was nice,” said Denise Arsenault calmly.

Accompanied by her two sons and grandson, Arsenault was larger than life at the Exposition agricole et le Festival acadien in Abram-Village on Saturday.

Above 2,000 observers, Arsenault was all smiles as the crowd watched her assist the performers with one of their acts.

Secured to a harness, but still a long way from the bottom, Arsenault had no fear.

“I wasn’t scared,” she said. “It was fun looking down to everyone and seeing the scenery.”

Folks on the ground were holding their breath.

“Some people were so scared they couldn’t even watch me up there.”

The 45-minute aerial act concluded with the other performers reaching the top of a 100-foot pole and gliding across the entire event grounds.

Looking ahead, the show could be without one of its most beloved characters next year.

“I told them it was enough. Twice was plenty. I’ve had my fun.”

Truly one of the happiest places on earth, everyone had something to smile about during the 4-day festival.

“This is a really fun time of the year,” said Eric Richard, the president of the event. “People come from all over to attend.”

Starting on Thursday, the activities conclude Sunday with an awards show and a tribute for Angèle Arsenault, an Acadian music legend who passed away in February at the age of 70.

“She passed away too young,” said Richard. “She wasn’t done with her career.”

Credited with giving the spotlight to Acadian music, the festival will honour her with other musicians playing her music.

On Monday the festival grounds will be quiet again, but not before one last night of entertainment and reflection.