Accused murderer Vuozzo has case adjourned

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Published on August 28, 2014
The McGuigan family has provided this photo of Brent McGuigan, 68 and his son, 39-year-old Brendon McGuigan.
Photo Special to The Guardian

GEORGETOWN - Extra security was on tap here Thursday morning as Alfred Vuozzo, who is charged with first-degree murder, was to make an expected court appearance.

RCMP staffed the court room with a few more officers after concerns were raised that family conflict might erupt before Judge Nancy Orr.

The court room included about a dozen members of the McGuigan family who just laid to rest both Brent McGuigan and Brendon McGuigan on Tuesday.

The father and son were shot to death last week in their home on the St. Mary's Road near Murray River.

Alfred Vuozzo was first on the docket but did not make an appearance.

Both the crown and defense requested an adjournment to provide time for full disclosure on the course of the tragic events.

Vuozzo is scheduled to be back in court on Oct. 9.