Summerside city council to consider opposing door-to-door mail delivery cutback

Mike Carson
Published on August 19, 2014
Canada Post
Photo special to The Guardian

SUMMERSIDE – Summerside city council will be meeting to discuss whether it will support a resolution to stop the planned elimination of door-to-door mail delivery service by Canada Post.


Councillor Tina Mundy raised the issue with council Monday night saying the city was approached by the executive of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 129 Summerside to oppose the cutting of the service.

Mundy said nothing has come from that meeting.

“On March 17, we met with local union postal workers and they were concerned with the planned elimination of door-to-door delivery services in Summerside,” she said. “They had asked council to pass a resolution that was planned by senior management in Canada Post. That was back in March and I don’t think we really acted on that.”

Mundy said council could move that resolution.

“It is my understanding that many municipalities across Canada have passed a resolution and we do have a sample resolution that they (union) had prepared for us,” she said.

Summerside Chief Administrative Officer Bob Ashley said council could whatever it wanted but cautioned that the issue is a partisan one.

“Subsequent to that presentation we also met with Canada Post,” he said. “It is a partisan issue. It is one of union and management and government policy. It is very political in nature. It’s really a difficult thing for a municipal council, which is non-partisan, to take sides on one or the other. I’m not suggesting that you go one way or another. Some municipalities would refrain from passing a resolution like that, leaving it up to the people as opposed to municipalities getting into labour movement.”

Councillor Peter Holman said when the union executive appeared before city council they said it was a done deal.

“It didn’t matter where objections were coming from that this was going to go through whether people liked it or not and they will just have to embrace it,” he said.

In response to questioning by Mundy, Deputy Mayor Bruce MacDougall, president of the Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities, said to his knowledge, there have been no Island municipalities that have supported the resolution.

“The Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities has left it up to individual municipalities,” he said. “There was a generic resolution that we had forwarded on to the municipalities.”

Mundy and Councillor Cory Thomas said they have receive calls from constituents in their wards, many of them senior citizens, concerned about the loss of door-to-door delivery.

Thomas suggested that the issue be sent to a committee of council for review.

Mundy said it is an issue that has “fallen off the radar” and council should have “a few more sessions on it.”

MacDougall said he will provide the resolution that was put out by the Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities and any information the federation has on who is and who is not participating.

No date was set for the review.