People line the streets for Kensington parade

Published on August 16, 2014

Ken Simmons kneels beside his miniature horse, Blue Boy before the Bell Aliant Mammoth Street Parade in Kensington begins on Saturday, August 16. 

Ancelene MacKinnon/ Journal Pioneer

KENSINGTON – For 30 years, Ken Simmons has been in parades with his miniature horse and wagon to offer rides and entertain crowds. 

The Bell Aliant Mammoth Street Parade in Kensington was no exception to Simmons’ dedication to these types of events.

The parade took place on Saturday, August 16 and is part of the 47th annual Kensington Harvest Festival.

Simmons said he volunteers a lot of his time to what he calls a rewarding hobby.

He’s had his miniature horse, Blue Boy for five years, and said there’s no doubt he attracts a lot of attention.

“The kids love him and they love going for rides in the wagon. It’s really wonderful to do this.”

Him and Blue Boy have been in parades all over the Island, said Simmons.

“I love seeing people get together for parades and all the work that goes into them.”

The Harvest Festival is great for Kensington because it brings everyone together, he added.

Simmons said it makes him happy to be able to bring joy to others.

“I meet a lot of people and I’ve been doing this for a long time. Everybody knows the horse and everybody knows me.”

Robert Wood, chairperson for the Harvest Festival committee, said this year’s parade ran smoothly.

“It was excellent. The weather held and I think we had a record number of floats.”

Wood said the parade gets better every year, and having the Burlington Teen Tour Band was a unique addition.

He said it’s easy to tell the parade is an event everyone looks forward to because people line the streets.

“It’s a can’t miss day for this area.”