Cavendish Beach Music Fest bowed, but not broken by Arthur

TC Media
Published on July 7, 2014

The annual Cavendish Beach Music Festival went on almost without a hitch with the exception of Saturday’s acts being cancelled due to post-hurricane Arthur.

That being said, it did not dampen the spirits of all the country music-goers.

On Sunday evening, more than 20,000 people were in attendance of the country music concerts and the atmosphere was electric.

People sang along with their favourite tunes as the cameras panned the cheering crowd.

While headliner Blake Shelton, along with Darius Rucker, had to cancel performances on Saturday due to travel restrictions, the events ground ended up closing anyway due to the high winds.

Two men walking around with cowboy hats and orange T-shirts that read, “I survived Arthur” received many high fives as they made their way through the throngs of people.

Nathan Brown and Colton Gallant, both from Evangeline, have been coming to the country concerts for the past five years and, with weekend passes and a camper at Marco Polo Land, they were ready to have a great weekend regardless of the weather.

“We still got together had a great time and had great night even though it was raining and windy we still got together and partied it up,” said 21-year-old Brown.

Brown was most looking forward to seeing the performance of Lady Antebellum, which was on Friday night, however, Gallant’s artist of choice was Blake Shelton.

“I was very upset, but we might see him next year, you never know,” said 19-year-old Gallant.

Gallant said they knew there was going to be a storm Saturday but they weren’t sure how bad it would be.

“It turned out pretty bad so it’s kind of good they cancelled it.”

That seemed to be the overall consensus.

Candice Stinney, of Yarmouth, N.S., came to P.E.I. to see the concerts with her family.

The person she was most looking forward to seeing was Shelton but she understands the cancellation was for everyone’s safety.

“Even when we came in tonight (Sunday) you could see parts of the stage were swinging, like, wow, I can’t imagine yesterday.”

Christie Mallais, of Bathurst, N.B., also came to P.E.I. to see all of the country artists perform and was most looking forward to seeing Hunter Hayes, who performed Sunday night.

Mallais said she was impressed by the RCMP present at the event.

“I think it’s really great that the RCMP here are actually everywhere and they are stopping drunk drivers and anyone who has public display of liquor which is really great,” she said. “They are doing a really good job at keeping us safe.”

The Island RCMP who were on hand for the Cavendish Beach Music Festival changed their focus from the event grounds on Saturday and turned their attention to the makeshift cowboy community in Cavendish.

In a news release, they stated the community was generally well-behaved except for four impaired driving charges laid Saturday.

The concert-goers took it in stride, they said.

Matthew Poole, medical supervisor at the grounds, said the only issues they ran into involved heat stroke, which was mostly on Friday.

“A lot of people were not drinking enough water and so the main symptoms we were dealing with was nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, headaches, so we dealt with a lot with that.”

Approximately 60 to 80 people went through the medical tent on Friday and the numbers dropped drastically on Sunday to around 20.

“It’s been much more relaxed.”

In a few cases, IVs of fluids were administered, but most of the time some shade and some water did the trick to help people with their heat stroke.