PEI Washer Toss ch’ship goes July 20

Eric McCarthy
Published on July 3, 2014

PEI Washer Toss championship organizers, from left, Tashia Maynard, Valene Gallant, Davis Gallant and Toss Boss, Kevin Maynard take aim at the RegalCresting championship trophy. The Island championship will be held in O’Leary on July 20, part of the P.E.I. Potato Blossom Festival.

Eric McCarthy/Journal Pioneer

O’LEARY -- Think you can compete with the best washer toss players in the world? You might get your chance during the P.E.I. Potato Blossom Festival’s second annual P.E.I. Washer Toss championship. It will be held in the beer garden behind the O’Leary Community Sports Centre on Sunday, July 20. 

The winners of last year’s inaugural championship, Stevie Gallant and Chet Ellsworth, got their registration into the world championship covered by the Potato Blossom Festival and they went on to place third in the world.

As with last year’s event, this year’s championship team will have their way paid to next month’s world championship in Nashwaak Bridge, N.B., including entry fee and bridge pass. The winners also receive a $200 cash prize and the Regal Cresting Washer Toss Cup. Second place gets $100 cash and third place gets free admission into the 2015 P.E.I. championship.

Provincial bragging rights are also on the line, points out Toss Boss for the second annual championship, Kevin Maynard.

Maynard has confirmed that Ellsworth and Gallant are signed up, eager to try to defend their title. They will have up to 63 teams in O’Leary trying to dethrone them.

Teams are encouraged to come up with catchy team names for the event as the team with the best name, as decided by committee, will receive a special prize. 

“It’s kind of taking on a life of its own,” Maynard said of preparation for the championship and the thought teams are putting into their team names. Some teams are also coming up with special t-shirts for the occasion. Teams will also have the opportunity to have their names engraved on special keeper washers.

Castle Building Centre in O’Leary is also back as a major sponsor, supplying all the washer toss boxes and washers for the event.

That’s double the number of boxes as last year, as the event is accepting 64 teams this year, up from 32 last year. They can register for the double knock-out championship by calling Maynard at 859-1215, through facebook at P.E.I. Regal Cresting Washer Toss Championship or by email at Already, 34 teams are signed up and the Toss Boss is confident the full complement will be achieved. Additional teams, he said, would be placed on a wait list.