Jason Yeo appealing sentence and convictions

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Published on July 17, 2014

Jason Yeo

A Charlottetown man who is in prison for various drug-related crimes has filed an appeal of his most recent convictions and sentence that added seven years to what he was already serving.

Jason Norman Yeo filed the hand-written appeal on July 7 from Springhill Institution in Nova Scotia where he is serving out the remainder of a total 16-year sentence for crimes that include his role in an armed robbery and trafficking cocaine.

Yeo is appealing the sentence from P.E.I. Supreme Court Justice Wayne Cheverie on June 9 that added seven years to nine he was already serving.

In his application Yeo noted that he was appealing the convictions and sentence for drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, weapons charges and probation breaches.

There are three possible options to choose from on the appeal application form, but Yeo added a fourth by hand writing in that he also wanted to withdraw a guilty plea.

Yeo is appealing on the grounds that Cheverie's sentence was excessive.

He also wrote that "lawyer misrepresentation" and "ineffective assistant of counsel" were other grounds of appeal.

Yeo said he wants to present his case in person and in writing.

If he is successful and a new trial is ordered Yeo wants to be tried by a judge and jury.