Teens arrested after police discover cap gun

Published on June 8, 2014
File photo

WELLINGTON CENTRE – Police are warning the public of the dangers of carrying toy and replica firearms, especially by adults at night, after officers were forced to make a split second decision here early Sunday morning.

Three teenagers were arrested and detained after an incident at 3:38 a.m., with the 18-year-old driver also facing charges for impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

Early in the morning, a Prince District officer on patrol noted a vehicle wandering heavily on the highway near Wellington Centre.

The officer stopped the vehicle and approached, at which point he noticed all three in the car appeared to have been drinking.

When the driver moved to obtain his documentation, the officer spotted what he believed was the handle of a revolver tucked under the driver’s seat.

The three were arrested and detained while officers from Summerside Police Service and Prince District RCMP responded to assist.

The vehicle was searched and police ultimately determined the handgun was in fact a cap gun owned by the driver.

“The driver was apologetic and appeared to have had no ill intent,” said police.

However, the driver was still arrested for impaired driving after providing breath samples over the legal limit.

Police said charges will be laid.

Police also stressed the dangers of carrying replica firearms.

“In such situations, officers are forced to make split second decisions which could quickly turn tragic for all those involved.”