Three Summerside police officers involved in Moncton manhunt

Published on June 5, 2014
If you live in the marked area stay inside / lock doors. Roads blocked. Traffic disrupted. Avoid area. A photo tweeted by the NB RCMP early this morning.

SUMMERSIDE – Three Summerside police officers have been sent to Moncton to aid in the search for a man who killed three Moncton RCMP officers and wounded two others in the city of Moncton’s North end Wednesday night.

Deputy police chief Sinclair Walker said this morning he could not identify the three officers in Moncton, nor what their role in the search and investigation would be.

Walker did say the department was asked to send members to Moncton to help law enforcement agencies there.

“It’s very tragic,” Walker said of the killings. “We have offered other members as well. There are three now and we’ll see how it all unfolds. It may require more.”

Officers from Prince Edward Island RCMP L Division and from the Charlottetown Police Department are also in Moncton offering assistance.