RCMP realigns boundaries

Published on June 4, 2014

This map shows Prince/Queens District boundary change.

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In an effort to balance call volume and provide better service to the citizens of Prince Edward Island, the RCMP made some changes to its District boundaries in consultation with the provincial government.


Presently, there are three districts in P.E.I.:  Prince, Queens, and Kings RCMP Districts.  Minor changes were made that may have an impact on the office location the general public might use for counter services such as fingerprinting, criminal records check, and general inquiries, but any emergency response from police will continue to be directed through 911 for dispatch. 

As a result of the boundary changes, Kings District will take on a slightly larger portion of Queens Country than it had done in the past.

Prince District will take on a slightly larger portion of Queens Country than it had in the past.

Prince District will now cover New London and Stanley Bridge up to the intersection of Route 6 and Route 254 (Rattenbury Road) and Route 224 (St. Mary’s Road.)  Prince District will now be responsible for the civic addresses on the Rattenbury Road, south to Route 2, and then east to Route 231 (Inkerman Road). It will then encompass the Civic addresses on Inkerman Road and Hilltop Road in Breadalbane and Route 246 (Dixon Road) east to the intersection with the Alton MacLean Road.

Kings District will now cover an expanded area south of the Hillsborough River from Mt. Stewart and east of Route 213. It will encompass the civic addresses on Route 5 (48 Road) until the intersection with Route 1 (TCH) and then east of Route 1 south to the intersection of Waterside Road and Route 26 in Pownal.

Queens District will maintain responsibility for the civic address on the remaining civic addresses on Route 246 (Dixon Road) south of the Alton MacLean Road to the intersection with Route 1 (TCH) in Desable.

If you are in doubt of which office is most appropriate for your location, contact your local RCMP detachment for clarification.

Prince Edward Island RCMP office numbers:

Prince District, West Prince Office, Rosebank: 853-9300

Prince District, East Prince Office, North Bedeque: 436-9300

Queens District, Maypoint: 902-368-9300

Queens District, Headquarters: 902-566-7112