Prince District RCMP gathering information on motorcycle gangs

Mike Carson
Published on June 4, 2014

SUMMERSIDE - Prince District RCMP have developed an annual performance plan for 2014/2015 and part of that plan involves working with municipal police agencies and communities to increase intelligence in the area of illegal drug activity and outlaw motorcycle groups.


S/Sgt. Ken Spenceley of the Prince District RCMP said Prince Edward Island has not had the problems with outlaw motorcycle gangs other provinces have encountered.

“It’s something that we’re looking at in terms of just gathering intelligence on,” Spenceley said. “It hasn’t been a problem before in the past but it’s something that we’re trying to get more information on.”

“We’re not getting a lot of information on this,” he said. “It’s something that my superiors have brought to us saying, 'see what you can find out'. But, in terms of any issues with them, I haven’t heard of any.”

Spenceley said it's a matter of being prepared if these gangs make a move to come to Prince Edward Island.

“It hasn’t been looked at very hard in the past and we’re trying to gather information to see if there is anything to it, if there is anything that we’re missing,” he said.

The Bacchus Motorcycle Club is one of the largest biker gangs in Canada. It originated in New Brunswick but has chapters in other provinces including Nova Scotia.

It had been rumoured that some members showed up in Summerside several weeks ago but city police said  there was no evidence to support the rumour.