Lobster Festival parade taking new direction

Published on June 27, 2014
Scene from the 2013 Summerside Lobster Carnival parade.

SUMMERSIDE – The Summerside Lobster Festival parade is taking on a new direction for the 2014 event.


Coun. Tina Mundy, the city’s liaison to the Summerside Lobster Festival Committee said

there is a major effort to make this year’s event the best on record.

“We have a parade committee in place and we’ve been busy working on the parade for the last six months,” Mundy said. We meet almost weekly.”

A new element for this year’s parade is a float decorating kick-off party.

“The port corporation has offered up the Marine Terminal and Transit Shed for anybody who wants to store their floats over the weekend,” Mundy said. “On July 11, at 3 p.m., we’re inviting people to bring their floats and decorating material to the transit shed. Then at 6:30 p.m. the Atlantic Super Store will be sponsoring a barbecue. They’ll have food and drinks for everybody. We’ll have a little bit of entertainment and we’ll have a committee put together to help people decorate their floats.”

Mundy said people can leave their floats at the transit over weekend and can come and go as they want from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

“Then Monday morning, July 14, we’ll start lining up about 11 a.m. and the parade will start on 1 p.m.,” she said. We’ve created a parade package for anybody who’s putting a float in the parade. In the package there are ideas. We also have phone numbers of where they can rent a generator, a trailer. There are all kids of ideas.”

There will be prizes for the top entries and they’ll be awarded at the family day immediately following the parade at Green Shore.

“We’re encouraging the businesses to be creative,” Mundy said. “The theme for this parade is all things lobster. As long as it’s creative tastefully decorated, that’s all we want. We want it to be something that the public is going to enjoy. A truck with just a sign on the side of it, that’s not really considered a float. We want this to be something the community can enjoy.”

This year’s parade route will be different than other years.

“We’re going to still start at the Marine Terminal and will come up and go west on Heather Moyse Drive up to Queen Street,” Mundy said. “And then go from Queen Street to Water Street then Water Street to Greenwood Drive and then turn right on Greenwood Drive and end up at Credit Union Place.”

Children are also being invited to participate in this parade.

“We’re going to have a kids costume section in the parade,” Mundy said. “Because the parade route is short enough this year, we can do that. It’s not too far to walk. Any child that wants to get dressed up in a costume, as long as it has that nautical and seafaring, lobster kind of theme to it they be welcome to participate but they do have to contact us to fill out an entry form. Contact Don Quarles (432-1279) or go to www.sumersidelobsterfestival.com. And they can pick up an entry form.  

Seniors will have a special viewing area this year.