Terry and Parnell helping with Tyne Valley Oyster Fest world record

TC Media newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on June 26, 2014

TYNE VALLEY - The Tyne Valley Oyster Festival is chasing a world record and organizers believe they have the people who can get the job done.

On Thursday, July 31, the Oyster Festival will assemble 10 oyster shuckers on stage at the Tyne Valley Sports Centre who will attempt to break the world record for the most oysters shucked in one hour.

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A group of shuckers in France established the current world record in 2003. They successfully shucked 8,472 oysters in one hour.

It just so happens that the world record attempt in Tyne Valley happens the day before the Oyster Festival hosts the Canadian Oyster Shucking championship. That means many of Canada’s top shuckers will be in attendance lending their hands and shucking tools to the challenge.

“We’ve got 10 very capable and experienced shuckers on board for the record attempt,” said festival president, Jeff Noye, “and even if they aren’t able to set the record, it will be a thrilling experience for festival goers and it will give the event greater profile both here in Canada and internationally.”

Adding to the occasion, the festival has special guests lined up to host the world record attempt event, the stars of the web series, Just Passing Through. Jeremy Larter will emcee the world record attempt and show characters Terry and Parnell, will be making guest appearances. The Oyster Festival is one of the avenues the characters are using to fundraise for a second season of their show.

The world record attempt is just one of the special events planned as part of the50th anniversary July 26 to Aug. 3 Oyster Festival. Other events include the Rock the Boat Music Festival on Aug. 2, P.E.I. Trivia championship, pageant, parade and Tyne Valley Soap Box Derby.