Summerset Manor offering French services

Brett Poirier
Published on June 17, 2014
Zelica Arsenault, a resident of Summerset Manor in Summerside, appreciates the improved access to health services in French offered at the new bilingual wing of the long-term care facility.
Brett Poirier/Journal Pioneer

The Summerset Manor in Summerside is paving the way for manors nationwide, says Aurel Schofield, president of the Société Santé en Français.

Summerset Manor is the first in the country with a bilingual wing in its facilities.

Zelica Arsenault has been living at the manor for the past 12 years after suffering a stroke in 2002.

“Being able to speak French when I want makes me feel at home,” said Arsenault. “I’ve tried not to lose my French over the years.”

Growing up in Rustico, Arsenault was taught at a young age the importance of knowing two languages.

“My parents made me speak French at home, when I was at school I spoke English,” she said.


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