Centre 150, home of the Summerside Community Church opens Saturday

Published on June 17, 2014
Rev. Andrew Bryce, pastor of the Summerside Community Church sits in the church’s main hall in its new building in the Summerside Industrial Park. The new facility is called Centre 150 Home to the Summerside Community Church. The centre will have its official opening on June 21 at 3 p.m
Mike Carson/Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – After nearly two decades of moving from place to place, the Summerside Community Church has a new home.


“For 16 years we’ve been spiritual gypsies,” said Pastor Andrew Bryce.

He said living as gypsies out of a tent is fine when you are 20.

“When you get to be 56 it’s kind of nice to have a home,” Bryce said. “It feels incredible. We’ve been praying for this day for along, long time.”

The new facility is located in the Summerside Industrial Park at 150 Crescent St.

“We’re not calling it a church,” Bryce said. “We’re calling it Centre 150. The 150 number is significant for a couple of reasons. It’s at 150 Industrial Crescent and it’s interesting that this is the 150th year that we’re celebrating the birth of our nation. Psalm 150 is the last psalm in the Bible and it’s a psalm that’s full of praising God with every instrument that’s out there.”

The church began in the Boys and Girls Club of Summerside in 1997.

“We were there two years,” Bryce. “Then we were at the Harbourfront Theatre. We were there for seven years until Anne and Gilbert came and we had to leave for the summertime. Then we went to the Shipyard Market. We were there for the summer. Then we were really desperate for a place and we found the French School and were incredibly accommodated for eight years.

“We got bumped every year, no matter where we were by some kind of an event that would send us to a community hall or to a school,” he said. “That made it very difficult.”

Bryce said their new centre is a community resource centre for the city.

“It’s going to be a gathering place for our church on Sunday mornings,” he said. “We want it to be a centre for the community.”

The facility has a major auditorium, the main room that seats 400 but can expand to accommodate 800 people and is complete with a stage.

The centre has 10,000 square feet dedicated to children’s rooms. It also has a canteen.

Bryce said the facility can accommodate any kind of community event from meetings, to graduations, to wedding and conferences.

He said there are 16 security cameras both inside and outside the building to ensure the safety of the children attending the centre.

“One of the things that’s a gift to our church is that we have four worship teams and four worship bands (music) is very contemporary,” he said. “You can tell by the drums, the electric guitars, the acoustic guitars. Worship is very engaging for the youth…but we also have a whole number of the elderly in our community who are totally supportive of what we are doing. They realize that if we don’t accommodate to the changes that the church is going through the church isn’t going to pass its baton to the next generation.”

“We have about 350 people that meet, 100 of them are children and a tremendous number of young families,” Bryce said.

Centre 150 will have it s official opening on Saturday June 21at 3 p.m. The public is invited to attend.