Tourism group unveils new brand, logo

Mike Carson
Published on May 30, 2014
Tourism Summerside

Summerside’s unique qualities will be used as a marketing tool.

Tourism Summerside unveiled its new brand and logo, ‘Explore Summerside,’ Friday morning, setting a new course for tourism marketing in the city.

The group developed a strategic business plan in 2012, and moved forward in a branding process to position the city in a way that it hopes will achieve its goals, including securing Summerside as a four season tourism destination.

The brand strategy has been developed to act as a playbook for Tourism Summerside.

Understanding consistency at every point of contact will be key, officials said.

Carolyn Thorne, executive director of Tourism Summerside, said Summerside has a lot to offer - much of which is distinctive to the community.

 “We always love to mention our baywalk,” Thorne said. “We have many, many events that are going on in the city, not just with the P.E.I. 2014, but also annual events that are happening – the lobster festival, the College of Piping Highland Gathering, Highland Storm, Atlanticade.”

Tourism has been struggling right across the province and Tourism Summerside officials believe now is the time to change.

“The logo that we had is more of a corporate logo,” Thorne said. “We’re actually going to continue to use that for business purposes, but we felt that Explore Summerside was needed to tie in our visitors, to make them feel more welcome to Summerside.

“We believe that the Tourism Summerside logo was not something visitors could actually relate to whereas the Explore Summerside logo, it’s saying everything. It’s bringing people into our community – don’t just see Summerside, don’t just visit Sumerside but explore Summerside.

Tourism Summerside has developed a rack card this year listing all of the events for 2014.