Toby Keith hammers down Eastlink Arena

Estimated audience of 3,000 enjoys Keith and the Hammer Down Tour performers

Published on May 3, 2014

SUMMERSIDE - Toby Keith brought his Hammer Down Tour to the city, and audience reaction deemed him "Awesome!"

Nearly 3,000 attended the concert in Eastlink Arena, according to one Credit Union Place source, and few if any left disappointed according to the buzz as concert goers passed through the exit afterward.

71-year-old Leona Larrett, of Edmonton, Alberta, is visiting family in the area and went to the concert with her daughter, Francine.

"Fan-tastic," was Leona's pronouncement, though she admits to being a fan anyway.

31-year-old Francine loves country music and enjoyed the concert, judging Keith to have " the biggest voice."

Ashley MacAusland, of Summerside, who was headed for the packed parking lot during the encore performance, was taken by the fact that he sounded as good live as on one of his more than 20 recorded albums.

Security guard Bobbi Lea Henderson prefers older style country, but she was alright with what Keith put out even if she only heard the performance.

"It was gooood," she admitted.

17-year-old Ben Gayler, of Hunter River, PEI, thought the audience appreciated how well Keith performed.

"Very entertaining," he summarized.

"He played all the songs everybody knew," said Debbie Cairns, of Crapaud, P.E.I., who attended with her daughter, Kayla Cotton.

Cotton and another woman were nearby, singing one song that Keith didn't get to during his approximately 100 minutes of stage time, and a one-song encore.

"He really missed the boat, not playing that one," lamented Kayla's singing partner, who was from Nova Scotia.

"I liked his face," Kayla breathed.

"A few times, he looked right in my eyes," she swooned.

On second thought, Cairns had to agree with her daughter about the best part of the concert - Keith himself - but also applauded Credit Union Place for its efforts.

"It's amazing that Summerside can bring this quality of performer in. I can't believe it," she praised.

"Everybody was on their feet," she recalled her experience.

Keith's appeal seems universal. The Larretts were only one example of how he transcends age groups, and Ben Gaylor was only one of many who proved Keith's got the guys on his side, too.

Alex Bradley, of Lower Coverdale, N.S., backed that up as he and some friends were exiting Credit Union Place.

"It's Toby Keith. Y’gotta love him," he declared.