Idol tie sends nine to quarter-final

Producer makes adjustments to next stage

Published on May 26, 2014
After four singers tied for fifth place, Maritime Idol producer decided to advance, from left, Kaitlyn Paugh, Janna Bridges, Taylor Sonier, Destiny Bradshaw, Katie Geary, Kirsty Wright, Joselyn Jelley, Amy Amierah, and Chelsey Wilson to the quarter final on June 14.

LINKLETTER – Maritime Idol Season 8 had a bit of a hiccough at the regional final at the Linkletter Community Center on Sunday, but the contestants weren’t complaining as the names of those advancing to the quarter-final were announced.

Each of the twelve contestants sang two songs for the afternoon audience. The were judged live by former Maritime Idol Heidi Ellis and music teacher Hazel St. Amand, had votes from the audience as well as votes for performances posted online.

After all the ballots were collected and counted, the organizer announced that four of the contestants had tied for fifth place.

It was an unusual situation, according to the producer, Ron Pomerleau. Rather than try to organize a run-off – which would be difficult to make fair due to the fact that each judge was responsible for 25 per cent of a score, the online vote for 25 per cent, and the live audience for 25 per cent – Pomerleau named nine performers to advance to the district final at Parlee Beach Restaurant in Shediac, New Brunswick, on June 14.

Because there will now be 23 contestants – nine from P.E.I., nine from Bathurhst-Miramichi, and five from Moncton, Pomerleau will have them post one of their songs for online voting and they will only get one chance to sway the audience at the event.

When the adjustment was announced, there was some negative vocal reaction from the audience that waited for the results, but that was followed by applause for the nine who were chosen to advance.