Wellington Earthship project reaches online funding goal

TC Media newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on May 23, 2014

WELLINGTON – A unique Prince County construction project has reached its crowdsourced funding objective.

Jordan Cameron, 22, of Summerside, is heading up an effort to build an Earthship home in Wellington and had put out a call in early April on the funding website Kickstarter for funding to help with the project.

He asked for $5,000 and as of this week had received pledges for $5,181.

While this effort wasn’t going to make or break the whole project seeing that counter tick over the fully funded mark was still a welcome sight, he said.

 “We know there’s a lot of people willing to lend a hand when we start building but it’s also nice to hear of some who just want to support financially from afar,” he said.

The term "Earthship" is used to describe homes built using a method developed by Earthship Biotecture of Taos, New Mexico, in the early 1970s.

They use recycled junk as a primary building material and have a very small environmental footprint as a result.

They’ve been built all over the world in every kind of climate. Cameron has devoted the last couple of years to building one of his own in his home province.

He’s a graduated of the construction technology program at Holland College and recently completed a course in the U.S. on constructing Earthships.

One of the original goals behind the concept was that they be relatively easy to build compared to a traditional house. As a result, they can be built using mostly unskilled labour, usually volunteers.

Part of Cameron’s plan is to house several volunteer builders from away this summer at the build site. It gives them a working vacation and while they help out with his project.

He’s said that most of the money raised through the Kickstarted campaign will go towards provisioning and looking after the volunteers, though some of the money may find its way into paying for materials.

His goal has been to start construction on June 1 and he’s feverishly working to meet it.

“It’s going to be a photo finish … but we have volunteers coming to start right on June 1, so we’re going to try our best,” he said.

His plan is to live in the first home for about a year so he can work out any flaws. If all goes well, Cameron hopes to help build more Earthships on the Island in the years ahead.

Anyone who would like to stay updated on the Earthship’s progress can do so by following their Facebook page HERE.