Stanley Bridge harbour latest on Ottawa repair list

Brad Works
Published on May 22, 2014
Stanley Bridge wharf offers a picture postcard view.

STANLEY BRIDGE – The harbour breakwater here is being realigned in order to expand the basin area and increase the berthing capacity for local fishermen.

The major repair project is part of the regular program funding for small craft harbours in 2014-2015.

Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea made the announcement Thursday afternoon.

“Stanley Bridge Harbour is homeport to approximately 21 vessels and supports fisheries such as lobster, herring, crab and mackerel,” said Shea. “The work announced today will help ensure that this harbour can continue to support the commercial fisheries, harbour users and the local community into the future.”

The construction will be undertaken over two years and the tendering process is planned for early fall with the actual work expected to begin in late fall.

As part of the federal program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada undertakes projects in co-operation with the local harbour authorities that manage and operate the facilities for local users.

The federal government provided $40 million in additional funding over two years for repair, construction and maintenance projects at Canada’s small craft harbours.

Thursday’s announcement follows a similar one Wednesday, in Tignish, that saw Ottawa make the same commitment, although neither came with a price tag attached.

The Small Craft Harbours Program is responsible for more than 1,000 small craft harbours across Canada. The fisheries department says small craft harbours support nearly 90 per cent of all fishing landings in Canada.

In 2012, the landed value of Prince Edward Island fisheries was more than $143 million.