Iron Haven gym raises $1,700 for regional children and women’s hospital

Published on April 21, 2014
Lynn Anne Hogan, left, philanthropy officer at the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax, and Collin McNally, second from left, an IWK patient and Iron Haven gym member were on hand as Peggy-Sue Gaudet and Ryan Brown of Iron Haven Gym presented a donation after the gym organized the charitable event, in which athletes wore spandex and squatted more than one million pounds collectively.

SUMMERSIDE – Iron Haven gym’s inaugural “Mighties in Tighties” One Million Pound Squat Challenge, held on March 29, not only raised $1,700 for the IWK Children’s Hospital, but resulted in members collectively squatting 1,256, 755 pounds in one day.

Iron Haven members as well as staff from Vector Aerospace and Stretch Fitness, participated in the event and selected the IWK as their charity of choice.

“Participants showed tremendous enthusiasm, wearing their spandex and reppin’ out set after set,” said event organizer Peggy-Sue Gaudet.

Collin McNalley, 12, is a patient at the IWK and also a member of the Iron Haven gym.

Born with neurofibromatosis type 1 (or NF-1), he was diagnosed with the genetic disorder at three months of age, and receives care from the IWK.

So far, he has had one surgery, and all of the tumours and lesions in his head resulting from the condition are benign.

Despite the obstacle, he joined the other gym members in the charity challenge.

McNalley helped the group meet its goal by squatting 20,000 pounds and raising $500.

Though many complications can be associated with the disease, he’s enjoying his training sessions and said he was excited to be able to support the IWK.

Starting May 31, the 13th annual IWK Telethon for Children on CTV will raise funds to help children like McNalley.

For more information, contact Lynne Anne Hogan, philanthropy officer at the IWK Foundation, at 394-4039.