Backyardigans on Harbourfront stage

Sold out shows Saturday afternoon, tickets available for 7 p.m.

Published on March 29, 2014
Zack Nunn got up close and personal during a backstage meeting with Pablo, one of the five Backyardigans who performed three Deep Sea Adventure shows at the Harbourfront Theatre.
Michael Nesbitt / Journal Pioneer

SUMMERSIDE – The famous five Backyardigans, Pablo, Tasha, Uniqua, Tyrone and Austin, had sold-out audiences on Saturday afternoon at the Harbourfront Theatre.

The approximately 90-minute shows featured singing and dancing through a Deep Sea Adventure storyline, accentuated with speckles of hand-held light wands throughout the audience that were almost as colourful as the characters themselves. The wands could be purchased before the show at the merchandising table, and seemed a popular choice for the many pre-schoolers in attendance.

The Backyardigans are a quintet of characters created by Janice Burgess for a television program that originally aired between 2004 and 2013. The show depicts five animal-children who create adventures in their backyard.

The theatrical performance is produced by KOBA Entertainment. It is in the 10th week of a 13-week cross-Canada tour that started in Victoria, B.C. and will end in St. John’s, NL. They conducted a Space Adventure tour in 2011.

Before the first show of the afternoon, several children and their parents or guardians were invited backstage to meet the Backyardigans.

“I got hugs. I liked them to give me high-fives,” expressed Lexi Yeo, afterward.

Her friend, Kayla Thomas, had a more summative view of the encounter.

“It was awesome; so much fun,” she affirmed.