Shipyard Market under repair

Colin MacLean
Published on March 21, 2014

SUMMERSIDE – The Shipyard Market on Water Street in Summerside is undergoing significant repairs/renovations.

A recent inspection revealed that insufficient air circulation in a crawlspace under the building’s floor had caused many of the joints to rot.

The equipment that was originally installed in that space 10 years ago, when the building was built, just wasn’t able to keep up with the amount of moisture that was down there, said Arnold Croken, who sits on the board for Summerside Sustainable Tourism Initiative, which is responsible for the building.

“That had been occurring over a number of years without us being able to identify or detect that,” said Croken.

The only real option the governing board had to save the building was to completely replace the floor and excavate farther down, allowing a more natural airflow, he added.

Since they had to do all the work anyway the board decided to make some insulation changes to the building, allowing it to be used all year. 

Until now, the Shipyard Market has operated as a seasonal restaurant and is rented out to private functions over the course of the summer.

Discussions are still ongoing as to what sort of opportunities an extended operational season might bring to the building, however several interesting options are being discussed, said Croken.  

He expects the work to be completed in time for the building to open in May, as usual.

The non-profit organization, Sustainable Summerside Tourism Initiative Inc., owns and operates the Shipyard Market and a smaller adjoining building on behalf of the taxpayers.