O’Leary holds first town meeting

Eric McCarthy newsroom@journalpioneer.com
Published on March 20, 2014
The signs going into O'Leary, in western Prince Edward Island, may soon need to change. The community is looking at changing to town status.
Photo special to The Guardian

O’LEARY -- Prince Edward Island’s newest town could be in the market for a chair of office for its new mayor.

The chain of office was first mentioned in passing during O’Leary’s first monthly meeting as a town Thursday night and then councillor Blake Adams got serious. “We really should look the part,” he said.

Council is not going to jump right on board, though. The administrator was instructed to check with West Prince’s only other town, Alberton, and learn what’s involved in choosing a chain of office, even where one would turn to such ceremonial piece of regalia.

The town’s website will have to be adjusted, too, to reflect the change in municipal status, but Adams pointed out the site required maintenance anyway and suggested the URL and other changes can be accommodated at minimal cost.

The town approved a supply of municipal pins for the Canadian Council of the Blind and acknowledged they will be from the community, rather than the Town of O’Leary. Pins are running low, so the next set ordered will be for the town.

The change in municipal status actually got very little play at the monthly council meeting but mayor Stanley MacDonald acknowledged, “we’re certainly getting lots of comments,” referring to media interest and social media commentary on the new status. They’ve received confirmation by phone that the Province has approved the change in status but are still awaiting official work in writing.

Despite the change in status, the agenda referred to the regular meeting of the O’Leary Community Council.