Alberton Elementary holds Science, Heritage and Language Arts fair

Eric McCarthy
Published on March 11, 2014

ALBERTON -- She could have chosen any colour of food dye for her science fair project but Shannon McKinnon said purple just seemed to fit. 

Her project, Perfectly Purple Peroxide Project (PPPP), for the Alberton Elementary School Grade 6 Science Fair demonstrated how yeast acts as a catalyst in the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.

“You mix the peroxide, the food colouring and the dish soap together first,” she explained as she gave the volumes of each ingredient. “In a separate cup you put the yeast in the water. When you put the yeast and the water into the bottle and mix it around, it will foam up and overflow.”

There were 19 projects in the Grade 6 Science Fair and judges awarded McKinnon’s colourful project an honourable mention.

First place went to a project by Ethan Shea and Riley Leard, “Can Citrus Fruit Make Electricity?”

The Grade 5s teamed up to enter 11 projects into the school’s Heritage Fair. Callie Getson and Brianna Butler claimed first place for their project on MacAusland’s Woolen Mill in Bloomfield. “When you walk in, it just looks like a museum,” said Getson. “They make a variety of yarns and blankets,” added Butler.

Watching the blankets being made is very interesting, the pair acknowledged.

Cousins Cole and Olivia Rayner chose to do their project on draft horses, bringing along some pieces of harness to add to their display. For Olivia, the project just seemed like a natural fit. “I want to have a farm with horses, she revealed.

While the Grade 5 Heritage and Grade 6 Science projects were judged, the Grade 4s participated in a Language Arts Fair without adjudication. Each student in the class did an autobiography, complete with photographs and props that express their unique characteristics and interests. Participating in the Language Arts Fair, explained their teacher, Kelly Pitre, helps prepare them for the Grade 5 and 6 fairs and the judging.

The following are the results from the adjudicated fairs.

Grade 5 Heritage

1. Callie Getson and Brianna Butler, MacAusland’s Woolen Mill; 2. Dawson Wallace, Oyster Fishing; 3. Corbin Harper and Ryan Leard, Jack O’Lanterns;  Honourable mentions: Tyson Fraser, Lobster and Sydney Lewis, W.P. Griffins.


Grade 6 Science

1. Ryley Leard and Ethan Shea, Can Citrus Fruit Make Electricity; 2. Emily Matthews and Kailee Sherry, Color Carnations; 3. Mary Fran William, Fluoride – What Differce Does it Make; Honourable mentions: Emily Lewis and Selena MacCallum, Does the Colour Affect Taste; 2. MaKaylee Power and Testina Feta, What are Taste Buds; Shannon McKinnon, Perfectly Purple Peroxide Project; Ella Boyes, You Got 5, 4…; and Christopher Ramsay and Clay Smallman, What are the Odds of a Shark Attack.